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CFI iLab: Exploring Solutions to the World's Toughest Problems

CFI iLab brings economically sustainable social change to the world by drawing together rigorous research, the wisdom of the liberal arts, and marketplace expertise.

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Does your organization face complex problems?

CFI iLab will partner with you to build innovative solutions drawing on the rich intellectual resources of Wheaton College:

  • the raw talent of interdisciplinary teams of passionate students
  • the participation and oversight of faculty experts
  • the careful guidance of experienced marketplace leaders

These consulting projects provide a rich opportunity for you to engage with emerging talent and established experts. When you sponsor a project in the CFI iLab, you join the CFI network and gain access to our large ecosystem of resources.

What can CFI iLab do for you ?

Our hand-picked teams are uniquely equipped to tackle a wide variety of challenges. Find out if we're the right fit for your project.

CFI iLab can help your company:

  • Identify and clarify problems
  • Generate ideas and observations
  • Test options and approaches
  • Discover and gather resources
  • Identify and engage with emerging talent
  • Generate insights, suggestions, and solutions

With a focus on social innovation, CFI iLab can execute projects in the following areas:

  • Brand management
  • Business planning, strategy, and change management
  • Diversity and inclusion analysis
  • New market analysis and entrance plan development
  • Engagement planning for GenZ as employees or customers
  • Environmental, economic, or social impact analysis
  • Global/cultural intelligence analysis
  • Information technology application opportunities
  • Current markets and marketing strategy analysis to increase market penetration & customer retention
  • Technology commercialization and digital/social media development
  • Supply chain management/sourcing and logistics assessment
  • Talent management and leadership development
  • Business ethics/codes of conduct analysis
  • Customer and supplier values alignment

CFI iLab teams are trained in a unique approach developed in-house, drawing on human centered design, social and business research, ethical/philosophical analysis, and agile project management.

For the past five years, Wheaton student teams have delivered marketing plans, market research, and customer insights to Fortune 500 companies, industry associations, academic institutions, social enterprises, and non-profits nation-wide through our marketplace focused Experiential Learning Model.


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