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Faith Audits and Best Practices

A Longitudinal Research Initiative of the Wheaton Center for Faith & Innovation

The global church is increasingly aware of the role of businesses in impacting individuals’ lives and nations for the Kingdom of Heaven. This awareness creates a need for a deeper understanding of best-practices in business which empower profitable and purposeful integration of faith. A team of 9 faculty experts, with decades of market research experience, across multiple universities have partnered to explore how business leaders integrate faith to create business impact and to contribute to the great commission.

The purpose of the faith audit is to help make business leaders more impactful in the integration of faith with business leadership! Participating companies will receive a proprietary report and dashboard indicating the sources, presence, and outcomes of faith integration in their organization. The long-term goal is to integrate the insights of Christian business leader’s best business practices to create a general framework for faith integration to influence better business decisions. This framework will be employed to teach and train Christian business students and professionals.

What we want to know:

  • What are the sources or inputs of faith in the marketplace?
  • How is faith present in the marketplace?
  • How does faith impact operational performance and transform lives?

While we expect to identify best practices, we will also explore the challenges leaders face when integrating their faith in the workplace and the gaps in resources provided by the church and Christian academy.

What you will gain:

  • Promotion of best practices for integration of faith
  • Identify opportunities to extend culture throughout the organization and improve decision making
  • Provide objective insights from outside team
  • Assist management in addressing complex, cross-functional issues



Released annually, drawing on CFI's expanding data from companies and leaders around the country, this is CFI's most comprehensive report looking at the roles faith plays in promoting sustainable and healthy companies.

CFI partners with companies to gain a deeper understanding of the diffusion of the faith of an organizational leader throughout their organization. These case studies trace the nature and effect of faith internally in an organization, from front-line employees to the C-Suite, and externally, throughout the ecosystem of customers, suppliers, and other constituents.

Case study projects culminate in the production of a proprietary report and audit delivered to the partner. Companies interested in requesting a case study can complete the interest form at the bottom of this page.

As new challenges arise for Christian leaders in the marketplace, CFI conducts short horizon research and assembles special reports to equipe decision-makers in the moment. Special reports cover topics such as hiring and employee care during COVID and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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