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Noah Chung Sociology Alumnus Spotlight Image
Caring For Communities

Thinking Critically, Asking Questions

Billy Graham
Wheaton College Remembers William Franklin Graham, Jr.

Billy Graham in Edman Chapel as commencement speaker
The Life and Legacy of Billy Graham

Sam Hayes 12 Wheaton College English Alumnus
My Journey as a Novelist

Stephanie Althoff Lamphere Wheaton College Alumni
How Wheaton Prepared Me to Practice Law

Wheaton College Graduate School Trained Me For Ministry

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A Healthy State of Being

Brendon Smith Wheaton College Applied Health Science Alumnus
Researching at Harvard

Ted Gehrig '10 Wheaton College Applied Health Science Alumnus
Researching at Harvard

Engagement With Others

A Vibrant And Meaningful Life

Reach The Nations

Dawn Wright Geology Alumna
God the Creator

Math Gives Street Cred

Biblical And Theological Formation

Nick Cherone Music Alumnus Micro Content Variant
Seeking Excellence

Serving God As A Christian Philosopher

A Desire To Do Justice

From The Inside Out

Serious Explorations of the World

Understanding Historical Voice And Context

Jennifer Cate 93 Wheaton College English Alumna
From Wheaton to the World

The Conservatory of Music Prepared Me to be a Music Educator

Our Journey as International Physicians

Providing Quality Education on the Open Seas

Annie Arbitter MyWheaton Alumni Blog Square
My Experience With the Refugee Crisis in Greece

Wheaton Football Ministry Partnership: A Spring Break to Remember

Alesha Guruswamy Rusk 04 Politics and International Relations alumna Wheaton College IL
Following God's Call to 'Seek Justice'

Following God's Call to 'Seek Justice'

The Art of Medicine

Jibu: My Journey as a 'Forbes 30 Under 30' Social Entrepreneur

Justin Lovett
A Passion for Filmmaking

How Marriage and Family Therapy Prepared Me for Ministry

From Wheaton to Television Production in Australia

Every Saying Has a Beginning, and Some Never End

How Wheaton Equipped Me for the Ministry of Fighting Fires

My Journey to Wheaton College Graduate School and Beyond

How Wheaton Prepared Me for Marathon Running, Olympic Trials, and My Life

Caleb Curlin
Our Life Together at Marmilu Farms in Tennessee

Betsy Johnson Curlin MyWheaton Alumni Blog Square
Our Life Together at Marmilu Farms in Tennessee

Chelsea Medic
An Animated Introvert in L.A.

Dr. Jamie Aten
Disaster Psychology

Sally Canning professor
Holistic Health Care

Dr. Sandi Rueger
Risk and Resilience

Josh Lawrenz Wheaton College Applied Health Science Alumnus
Undeniably Formative

My experience at Wheaton College as an Applied Health Science major was undeniably the most formative four years of education in my life.

Kristen Anderson Wineinger 12 Wheaton College Biology Alumna
The Skills to Succeed

Taylor Gevry 13 Wheaton College Biology Major
From Biology to Business and Law

David Hoekman '02 Biology Alumnus
Prepared for the Academy and Beyond

Abbie Pettit '15 Wheaton College English Alumna
Equipped to Approach the World with a Christ-Centered Perspective

Andrew Kulpecz 02 Wheaton College Geology Alumnus
A Firm Foundation for a Successful Career

Danielle Susanj '10, History alumna
A Variety of Experiences Prepared Me for Law School

Spotlight Variant
The Impact of a Professor

Spotlight Variant
Art & The Liberal Arts

A Cross-Cultural Pilgrimage: Healing for TCKs

Fighting Evil with the Armor of God

Marjorie Mead headshot
Honoring History

Living in the Moment

Rosalyn Bates Clinical Psychology Alumna Spotlight Image Square
From Brokenness to Reconciliation

Rachel Rienstra Liao Biology Alumna Spotlight Image Square
Alumni Connections lead to a Rewarding Career

How Extracurriculars can lead to a Calling

Rev. Oliver Spotlight Image Square
Keeping the Faith during the Civil Rights Movement

Lorna Dueck Evangelism and Leadership Alumna Spotlight Image Square
Evangelism in the Media

Lorna Dueck M.A. ’15 provides a faithful voice in Canadian media

Chitra Hanstad Spotlight Image Square
Turning a Passion into a Career

Learning the Language of Humanity

Providing Clarity Through Theology

Bornell Nicholson '15 M.A. '17 Spotlight Image Square
Therapy Techniques from a Christian Viewpoint

Sandy Hamilton '86 Spotlight Image Square
Spiritual Impact of a Music Education

Ben Kubacki '19 Spotlight Image Square
Urban Justice and Student-First Education

Piper Kirkpatrick '20 Spotlight Image Square
Experiential Learning

Lindy Magness '18 Spotlight Image Square
From Knowledge to Success

Abby Gunn '18 Spotlight Image Square
Holistic Education

Allya Hicks '19 Spotlight Image
Hands-On Research Experience

Amy Sparks '19 Spotlight Image Square
A Supportive Department

Bailey Hill '18 Spotlight Image Square
Developing Passions and Skills at Wheaton

Daniel Omura '19 Spotlight Image
Lessons in Christian Psychology

HyeRim Ryu '19 Spotlight Image Square
Psychology and Philosophy

Kayley Goertzen '19 Spotlight Image Square
Seeking Restoration

Lindsey Freier '19 Spotlight Image Square
Strong Relationships

Rilea Petersen '19 Spotlight Image
Professional Wisdom and Empathy

Maddie Engh '19 Spotlight Image Square
Faith Informs Education

Victoria Barrows '18 Spotlight Image Square
A Strong Foundation

David Hamilton '86 Spotlight Image Square
Faith and Music Making

Jhan Wagenaar '20 Spotlight Image Square
Cultural Adaptability

Anna Charles '19 Spotlight Image Square
Tools for the Future

Bibiana Pinto MacLeod M.A. '20 Spotlight Image Square
Turning Concepts into Reality

Chelsea Solorzano M.A. '15 Spotlight Image Square
A Strong Focus on Relationships

Jerrod Tillotson M.A. '16 Spotlight Image Square
High-Level Training

Mary Hellstrom M.A. '16 Spotlight Image Square
Deeper Connections

Timothy Hooker M.A. '04 Spotlight Image Square
Broadening One's Horizons

Danielle Yaste M.A. '20 Spotlight Image Square
Authentic Conversations

Leslie Kahihikolo M.A. '20 Spotlight Image Square

Julius Coomson M.A. '16 Spotlight Image Square
Academically Grounded, Spiritually Maturing, and Practically Skilled Students

Muriu Makumi M.A. '16 Spotlight Image Square
Iron Sharpens Iron

Shane Seaton M.A. '15 Spotlight Image Square
Holistic Growth

Hollie Koenigsberg M.A. '15 Spotlight Image Square
The Fundamentals of Leadership

Hannah Clardy M.A. '14 Spotlight Image Square
Working with Challenging Material

Kenya Heard '16 Spotlight Image Square
A New Culture

Kendall Vanderslice '13 Spotlight Image Square
Anthropology and Food

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