Parent Orientation Fall 2020

Online Parent Orientation

Whether you have a returning student or are launching a student into college life for the first time, it is a big deal. It can be hard even in a normal year, but as we all know, this year we will need to work together in new ways to enable your student(s) to have the best possible on-campus experience. The College is carefully planning every aspect of enrollment, academics, student life, and campus operations to ensure a safe and healthy community for students, faculty, and staff.

Because campus will look different this fall, every new and returning parent will need to participate in Online Parent Orientation prior to their student moving to campus. Online Parent Orientation will be available at a week or two before students move to campus. The online sessions will help parents understand what will remain the same this fall, and what will look different.

There will be no Parent Orientation events on campus for new parents, other than Student Drop Off.

We recognize Wheaton students come from around the world, and that the COVD-19 guidelines your state/country has instituted may look different from those set by the State of Illinois. We also recognize there may be varying personal views regarding the impact of COVID-19, but we ask everyone to be exceptionally respectful of each other and to the College by following the required campus rules and safety protocols which are required by the State of Illinois, and are intended to protect everyone’s health.

Restore Illinois is the state's five-phase plan to safely reopen the State of Illinois.

With these guidelines in mind, we have updated the drop-off process as follows: 


Step 1: Know Before You Go 

Online Parent Orientation -- Available a week or two before students move to campus.

There is a lot you will need to know before you bring your student to campus for Student Drop Off. Online Parent Orientation will provide information on topics like: 

  • Required (for hot spots) and/or recommended (for the rest) guidance for 14-day self-quarantine before coming to campus
  • Further testing information will be forthcoming
  • Student Drop Off and the protocol for moving your student into their dorm room in a way that cares for the safety and health of your student, and for your student’s roommate and family
  • Campus resources available to your student
  • The integration of faith and liberal arts learning at Wheaton 
  • What student life will look like in fall 2020
  • Student health and safety measures, quarantine parameters, and student behavior requirements unique to the fall 2020 semester 

Please reference the New Parent Orientation FAQ's for answers to many of your “Know Before You Go” questions.  

Step 2: Stop, Drop, and Go 

Student Drop Off -- Orientation 2020 Arrival Dates

Online Parent Orientation will provide detailed information about what Student Drop Off will look like, but think in terms of three things: 

  • Stop -- Before arriving to campus, stop somewhere near campus to say goodbye. If you need some extra things for your student’s residence, stop at one of the local stores and get what you need. We kindly ask that you only drop off items once, to reduce population density and multiple trips on and off campus. See the Lean and Light Packing List.
  • Drop -- Thundermovers will deliver your students' luggage to their residence. In light of recent changes, parents will not be able to access the residence halls. Please pay special attention to the Lean and Light Packing List. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us adhere to the Illinois regulations for social distancing.
  • Go -- It's time for a final hug and to say farewell. We will take good care of your student and look forward to staying in touch with you.

Step 3: Keep in Touch

There are many ways to keep in touch with us: