Resources to Encourage Your Student

parent hugging student

Student life is full of challenges and rewards. Here are some resources and ideas to help you encourage your student's exciting growth through both.

Encourage your student's health-promoting habits

Student Health Services has nurses and physicians on campus. Your student can receive help for nearly all of their routine health-related concerns, assistance with ongoing medical conditions, and travel medicine preparation for study abroad or other Wheaton College international trips. Encourage your student to notice his/her body's needs for nutrition, exercise, and rest, and to utilize Student Health Services for help with remaining well. 

Be assured that we offer academic help

Wheaton's Learning and Accessibility Services (LAS) knows that academic performance does not come equally to all people in all areas. The LAS office strives to recognize and develop the God-given strengths of each student, providing services both for students needing academic assistance, and for those managing learning, physical, or mental health challenges. If your student finds him or herself academically struggling, encourage him/her to look into the help offered through this office.

Affirm your student's spiritual growth

It's not uncommon for students to both deepen and wrestle with faith during their college years.  In the life of a student, wrestling with faith in community can often be an indication that their faith is important to them. The campus community of Wheaton is designed to be a safe and supportive place where students can ask questions, be stretched, and gain depth in their love of Christ. If your student wishes for a peer or mentor to talk with about their questions, encourage him or her to seek out his/her Residence Life staff, a trusted faculty member, coach, or pastor whom they respect. 

The Wheaton Chaplain's office is also a place where students can find someone to pray with them and guide them toward resources. In situations of serious illness, crisis, or loss, the Chaplain's office will seek ways to intentionally care for students, partnering with other campus departments to attend to student  needs.  

Affirm your student's human growth

Research shows it can take six to twelve months for new students to adapt to college life.  While challenging, it is also very normal for your student to feel some degree of stress, anxiety, or doubt about their added responsibility, changing relationships, living situation, and separation from home. 

What are some ways you can help? Encourage your student to be patient with his or her process of transition. Encourage them to talk with peers about their feelings--including stories about their home life, daily highs and lows, and personal interests. Your student might be comforted to find that many peers feel much like they do. Point your student to Residence Life staff who can be a great resource in bridging connections or brainstorming ways for your student to find their place. Counselors in the  Wheaton College Counseling Center are also available to counsel with your student about their more deeply felt questions and challenges.  Appointments at the Counseling Center are free to students and present a wonderful opportunity for students to take intentional steps toward their maturation and well-being.  

Support for International Students

International Student Programs serves as a support system for students representing over 90 countries who are joining or re-entering the U.S education system and culture.