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Wheaton parents typically want to know more than just what's going on. They also want to listen in on the kinds of conversations happening at a Christian liberal arts college like Wheaton.

An important piece of staying informed is keeping your contact information updated. Update Your Contact Information.

  • ePartnerships is our regular newsletter for parents.  As a parent, you'll automatically receive an email letting you know when the most recent issue is published, and you can also read ePartnerships online anytime.
  • Tune in to student chapel.  Student chapel services are live-streamed every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:40am CST. 
  • Calendar of Events. Wondering about important dates? They can be found on the Calendar of Events.
  • Watch Athletics events.  Athletics events are live-streamed at this link.
  • Wheaton Magazine tells the stories of our alumni around the world.  Past issues can be browsed online.
  • Wheaton History.  Are you curious to learn more about the stories behind Blanchard Hall, our founding president Jonathan Blanchard, or the Billy Graham Center?  You might enjoy a timeline of Wheaton's history.
  • Looking for some good books?  Here are three excellent resources for students and parents, recommended by Wheaton's Dean for Student Engagement, Dr. Steve Ivester:
    • Liberal Arts for the Christian Life is a compilation of essays contributed by Wheaton faculty across a wide range of disciplines. This is a great book for parents who want to learn more about the theological basis of a Christian liberal arts education and its capacity to shape the habits and virtues of a student's life.
    • Thriving at College (Alex Chediak) Written by an insider to higher education and a parent of a college student, this book provides students sound advice about issues like treating college as if it were high school, living out of balance, living for grades, wasting opportunities, and embracing faith.
    • In the Name of Jesus (Henri Nouwen) In a stage of life when students are grounding their identity, this book sets a strong vision for submitting to the work of Christ through us, claiming our irrelevance, and avoiding the temptation to be popular. 
Update your Contact Information

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Academic Calendar

First day of class, holiday schedules, and mid-semester breaks. These important planning dates can be found right here.