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Campus Contacts

Are you looking for more information about specific offices on campus or have a question about your student's academic or campus life experience? Here are some important links and phone numbers that might come in handy as a Wheaton parent.

Admissions (Undergraduate) admissions@wheaton.edu  630.752.5005
Athletics athletics@wheaton.edu  630.752.5747
Bookstore bookstore@wheaton.edu 630.752.5119
Center for Vocation and Career   cvc@wheaton.edu 630.752.5048
Chaplain's Office chaplains.office@wheaton.edu  630.752.5087
Counseling Center  counseling.center@wheaton.edu 630.752.5321
Financial Aid   sfs@wheaton.edu 630.752.5021
Health Services   student.health.services@wheaton.edu  630.752.5072
Housing Services  housing.services@wheaton.edu  630.752.5202
Multicultural Development   multicultural.development@wheaton.edu  630.752.5028
Office of Ministry and Evangelism  ministry.evangelism@wheaton.edu 630.752.5076
Parents  parents@wheaton.edu  630.752.5047
Post Office  cpo@wheaton.edu   630.752.5083
President's Office  presidents.office@wheaton.edu  630.752.5002
Provost's Office   provost@wheaton.edu  630.752.5004
Public Safety   public.safety@wheaton.edu  630.752.5911
Registrar's Office   registrar@wheaton.edu  630.752.5045
Student Accounts  sfs@wheaton.edu  630.752.5801
Student Engagement student.engagement@wheaton.edu  630.752.5181
Student Development student.development@wheaton.edu  630.752.5941