Public Safety

The Wheaton College Department of Public Safety is dedicated to the protection of life and property and to the prevention of crime, fire and accidents. Uniformed officers are on duty 24 hours a day patrolling campus facilities, streets and parking lots to keep our community safe.

Contact Us

These numbers are monitored 24 hours a day:

  • On-Campus Emergency or Service: 630.752.5911 
  • Emergency taking place off-campus: 911
  • Student Health Services: 630.752.5072
  • Work Order Center: 630.752.7930
  • Campus Operator: 630.752.5000

All emergencies and requests for service can be handled by calling x5911 from any campus extension. Since they're in and around campus, Public Safety officers are able to respond faster than other agencies and are familiar with campus buildings without needing to know a specific address. 

While Public Safety may respond to off-campus locations for service requests, students living off-campus should dial 911 for medical, fire and crime incidents.

Responsibilities of the Public Safety Office

Crime Prevention Through Preparation and Student Awareness

Through preventative patrol, emergency response, and educational programs, Wheaton College Public Safety strives to promote an awareness of safety among students, employees, and visitors. Read more about Crime Prevention.

Investigation and Enforcement

Public Safety oversees the reporting and investigation of all criminal incidents on the campus and strongly encourages all victims to make timely reports. Read more about Investigation and Enforcement.

Mass Communication (Timely Warnings)

When a situation occurs that the campus community needs to be notified, such as severe weather, violence on campus, and any situation that is critical for safety you will be notified by Public Safety in one or more ways:

  • Students and employees should keep their contact information up to date in our system.
  • Rave, Wheaton's automated emergency notification system, will call to notify you of the situation. This can be by voice or text message.
  • Alertus Beacons which send an alert tone and display a text message.
  • Campus wide email will be issued.

We will send out a message that details what the situation is and specific directions on how to respond. It is important to take all calls seriously and to pay close attention to any instructions given.