Crime Prevention, Awareness and Reporting

Crime Prevention Through Preparation

The Wheaton College Department of Public Safety is dedicated to the protection of life and property and to the prevention of crime, fire and accidents. Uniformed officers are on duty 24 hours a day patrolling campus facilities, streets and parking lots. Through preventative patrol, emergency response, and educational programs, Wheaton College Public Safety strives to promote an awareness of safety among students, employees, and visitors.

All Public Safety officers are trained in Red Cross First Aid & CPR (w/ AED) and carry automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in their vehicles. Some are Red Cross instructors and others Illinois licensed Emergency Medical Technicians. Public Safety officers are in direct radio contact with the 911 center (DU-COMM) and can request medical and police resources much faster than a person calling 911.

In Case of Emergency, Call x5911

If there is an emergency on campus call x5911. Since they're in and around campus, Public Safety officers are able to respond faster than other agencies (ambulance, fire, police). The College has more than 70 buildings (academic, administration, and recreational facilities; residence halls; apartments; houses; athletic fields) and each has a different address! As a caller, you may only know that you're "in the library" or "at the softball field" but have no other way of explaining your location to the 911 dispatcher. Public Safety officers have access to all locations 24/7 and are familiar with the "ins and outs" of all campus buildings. 

Crime Prevention 

At the beginning of each school year, the Chief of Public Safety and other Public Safety personnel address all incoming students to inform them of the role of the Public Safety department and what they as students can do to assist in the prevention of crimes. For example, students can prevent crime by:

  • keeping an eye on their valuables.
  • locking their doors when leaving their rooms. 
  • locking bikes on bike racks on campus.
  • generally maintaining a sense of awareness of their surroundings.

Reporting a Crime

To report a crime on campus, call x5911 from any campus extension (630.752.5911), or call 911.

Members of the campus community are encouraged to report any crimes in a timely manner, especially if the crime requires an immediate response from law enforcement and security personnel, or if it occurs outside normal business hours when other departments may not have staff members on duty. Although public safety officers are not sworn police officers, they are able to respond immediately and will contact the appropriate law enforcement agencies if necessary.

There are also emergency phones placed throughout campus that are identifiable by the bright blue lights attached to them. These phones can be used to immediately contact Public Safety to report a crime in progress or any suspicious or dangerous behavior that warrants investigation. Officers regularly check these emergency phones to ensure they are in proper working order.

There are no non-campus locations of student organizations--such as fraternity houses--associate with Wheaton College.