Fifty-Nine Ways to Pray for Wheaton College


Praying for the College this Summer

By Pam Hittie

"...pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."
1 Thessalonians 5:17-18

The Chapel

  • That God would build something this year in the chapel services that could not be torn down.
  • That the chapel team would be strategic about assigned seating.
  • That the number of chapel excuses would decrease.
  • That the speakers chosen for chapel services would have renewed vision being on our campus and they would be blessed.
  • That Donte Ford and the chapel band would draw close to Jesus as they lead us in worship and that He would bless their preparation time.
  • That the community members that come into the building would experience the gospel and hear the Lord’s word clearly and respond.
  • For spiritual and physical protection over the chapel.
  • For an increase of faculty and staff to join the regular chapel services in person.

Anderson Commons (the cafeteria) and the Beamer Center

  • That the conversations students have after chapel would continue throughout lunch and bless them.
  • That students would find a place of belonging during meal time.
  • That the beauty of the campus would remind students of the beauty of spending time with the Lord outdoors.
  • That international students would find invitational students who invite them in during lunch.
  • For all of the faculty and staff who eat in the cafeteria – that they would build relationships with one another across departments and find support in one another.
  • For the teams that serve in the cafeteria, that God would bless them and keep them well.
  • For the introverts to be able to find spaces that allow them to rest and study, but still be with people.
  • For students who struggle with eating disorders–that they would find the dining hall to be a place where they can find nutritious food and not feel like it is a battlefield.
  • For the Stupe and all the communal work that happens there – that it would be blessed.
  • For those students who have their first date at the Stupe, that they would walk out their relationship with God, and not feel the pressure to move too quickly.
  • For Gold Star Chapel, that students would go there and find God when they seek Him there.
  • For the Beamer family and all that they have done for Wheaton College.
  • For the Admissions team and all of the meetings that they will have in Phelps, that God would be present right from the start in students’ journeys.
  • For the Multicultural Development Staff and offices – that students would find fellowship and friendship within their offices.
  • For the international students and for Jerry Woehr, we prayed that there would be support campus-wide for initiatives that help them to integrate into America, Chicago, and Wheaton’s campus. That the offices that support international students can be a safe place for those students to find refuge and community.
  • For Steve Ivester and the Student Engagement Staff, in gratitude for what they do to connect the student body together.
  • For the Passage team and especially Nate Thompson, that God would help them prepare to lead our new students and that He would protect and sustain their teams.
  • For Kimberley Fair and all the work that she does to connect teams of people together well.
  • For the Chaplain, Angulus Wilson, and the Chaplain’s office – that it would be a holy space that is set apart on campus and where the Chaplain’s office staff can see God at work.

Houses on Irving, Fischer, and North Harrison Hall (the Wellness Center)

  • That students would be hospitable as they get to know one another.
  • That their rooms would be holy places where they would feel that they can pray.
  • That the traditions of the dorms would be edifying and bring people together.
  • For the paths that we walk - may those conversations be uplifting. May the spirit of complaining and gossip have no place on the sidewalks and on this campus.
  • That those who can’t afford coats would receive them and that they could get connected.
  • For the Corinthian Co-op to continue in its mission - so grateful for that resource!
  • For all the RA staff, the new RD, and all of the residence life staff – that they would be encouraged and uplifted and that this would be an easy, sustainable year.
  • For students to make wise choices about sleeping–that they would set aside enough time for sleep and that their sleep would be restful.
  • For those who just left the houses on Irving that they would find good communities to go into.
  • For those who are coming into the houses, we prayed that they would open their homes to community, welcoming in those who may not have a place on campus elsewhere.
  • For an attitude of generosity and hospitality especially in the houses, but overwhelmingly in the student body.
  • For the athletic teams and coaches and their seasons ahead.
  • For those who work in the Counseling Center.
  • For those who work in the Student Health Services clinic.
  • For students to return all of the necessary health forms on time.
  • For the parking lot – that God would protect students from accidents.

Smith-Traber, Jenks Hall & Houses on Howard

  • For the summer semester students, that they would connect with Wheaton, learn in their classrooms, and grow in their spiritual walk.
  • For the chapel for the summer semester students.
  • For all students to find a place of belonging.
  • For roommates to learn to love and serve each other based on God’s love.
  • For the Lowe family as they serve Smith Traber students. That their sleep would be protected when needed and that they would have renewed vision and calling throughout the year.
  • For the RAs of Smith Traber, that they would know that they have been divinely appointed.
  • For the first year students, that they would not have nervousness, but that friendships would be formed easily.
  • For the grad student families moving into the house, that their family can be welcomed in and that they can welcome others into their home.
  • For all of the students who have addictions, that they would be able to find freedom in this place.
  • For the students who will be seen for the first time in their lives, that the lounge spaces would be holy spaces where people connect and they would not be places where cliques form.
  • For the ROTC program and all of the non-Wheaton students who come here, that they would find this to be a sacred space that would cause them to ask questions about what makes this space different.
  • For the recent graduates of the ROTC program and their new assignments.
  • For the productions that happen in Jenks hall – that the students’ repeated practices with the scripts would be spiritually forming for them, that the plays would be edifying to those who watch, and that the trainings that happen in the summer would be life-giving.
  • For the programs housed in Jenks hall, that the staff and faculty would know that they arenot set apart or forgotten, but that they are integral to our community.
  • For God’s protection over our technology equipment in Jenks Hall–that God would protect Wheaton’s campus from any cyberattacks.

Reverend Dr. Angulus D. Wilson
For Christ and His Kingdom

If you would like you can download a copy of this list (as a PDF) to print out and have in hand.