M.A. in Teaching Curriculum


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Masters of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)

Although the program begins in the Fall, licensure candidates may take course work in areas of deficiency or additional undergraduate course work prior to beginning the MAT course work. Candidates should do so only at the advice of the MAT coordinator.

All students in the M.A.T. Program are required to:

  • Complete course work and experiences in additional content area knowledge, professional education and pedagogical practice, graduate level Bible, with non-Wheaton applicants addressing any deficiencies identified as the time of admission;
  • Gain experience as an educator, serving as a scholar-teacher, researching effective teaching within their disciplines; and
  • Successfully complete and present an action research paper or thesis, demonstrating knowledge and skills as an educator who teaches and leads for human flourishing.

Obtaining Teacher Licensure

  • Candidates must pass the Illinois Assessment of Professional Teaching Examination.
    • Even if candidates are not planning to teach in the state of Illinois, receiving the Illinois teaching license is highly recommended and makes for an easier transition to another state.
  • Induction Year of Teaching
  • Completion of Action Research or Thesis
  • M.A.T. Awarded