Missional Church Certificate

The Missional Church Certificate offers students the opportunity to take the three core classes in the School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership - Gospel, Church, and Culture.  This certificate will equip students to engage in the issues and effective practices of missional living through evangelism, cultural engagement, and the mission of the church.

The Missional Church Certificate is for any postbaccalaureate and post-MDiv students and provides training related to the gospel, church, and culture in order to foster a deeper understanding of the issues and effective practices for the church today. Through the Missional Church Certificate, students get to take the best courses in the School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership. Students will explore theological issues related to the gospel, the church, and culture in order to apply learning in various ministry settings and will also engage in the ongoing missional conversation as part of this course of study. Given the fracturing obvious in society at large and divisions within the church over cultural issues, this certificate program will help students formulate a biblical, reasonable, and useful faith in the contemporary world.

Course Requirements for the Missional Church Certificate

  • EVAN 526 Gospel: Theological Perspectives on Evangelism and Renewal 
  • EVAN 542 Church: Models and Movements
  • EVAN 545 Culture: Emerging and Global

Students who later apply for entry into the M.A. in Evangelism and Leadership, the M.A. in Missional Church Movements, or the M.A. in Ministry Leadership can use these three courses toward their M.A. requirements.