Early Christianity Concentration

Historical Studies

24 credit hours.

  • BITH 576 History of Christianity to 1900 (4)
  • BITH 577 Modern World Christianity (4)  OR BITH 585 History of Christianity in North America (4)  
  • BITH 581 The Reformation (4)
  • BITH 677 Topics in the History of Christianity (8)

    Early concentration students are required to take one seminar (BITH 677) that corresponds with the Early concentration; one seminar must be taken from the Reformation or Modern concentrations.

Historical Theology

4 credit hours.

  • BITH 653—Historical Theology: Patristic (2)
  • BITH 654—Historical Theology: Medieval (2)
  • BITH 655—Historical Theology: Reformation (2)
  • BITH 656—Historical Theology: Modern (2)

    Early concentration students are required to take BITH 653 corresponding with their concentration.

Biblical and Systematic Theology

4 credit hours.

  • BITH 525—Biblical Theology (4) or BITH 565—Christian Theology (4)

Historical Skills and Methodology

6 credit hours.

  • BITH 505—Language Reading Course (German, French or Latin) (4)
    Students not planning to pursue doctoral work may receive permission from their advisor to use these hours towards their electives.
  • BITH 683—Historiography of the History of Christianity (2)


4 credit hours. 8 credit hours if students opt out of BITH 505

  • BITH 692—Graduate Comprehensive Exam (0)
    Students should not take exams before they have completed 32 hours of the program.
  • BITH 695—Independent Study (4) in their concentrated subject, or BITH 698—Thesis (4)
History of Christianity Comprehensive Exam Study Guide

Comprehensive Exams are offered twice each academic year. Students must register for BITH 692, Comprehensive Exam, in the semester in which they plan to take the exam.

M.A. in History of Christianity Comprehensive Exam Study Guide