M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Curriculum


This is an example. Please note that the most current and official curriculum information is found in our Course Catalog. The requirements for the CACREP accredited Clinical Mental Health Counseling program are a combination of a counseling core, clinical training experiences, and theological studies. All courses are offered in a residential, face-to-face format.

Course Sequencing

The M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is comprised of 60 credit hours divided into three different sections:

  • Core Courses (45 credit hours)
  • Graduate Counseling Practicum and Internship (9 credit hours)
  • Theological Studies (6 credit hours)

All courses in the program are required. Additional course offerings are available, but may not be eligible for financial aid. View the Clinical Mental Health Counseling course catalog for a description of the following courses: 

Year 1

Fall (Total: 13 Credit Hours)

  • CMHC 611. Foundations of Integration I (1)
  • CMHC 618. Clinical Research and Program Eval (3)
  • CMHC 621. Counseling Skills & Techniques (2) ($195 course fee)
  • CMHC 621L. Counseling Skills Lab (1)
  • CMHC 624. Issues & Ethics in Professional Practice (3)
  • CMHC 625. Counseling Theories & Practice (3)

Spring (Total: 12 Credit Hours)

  • CMHC 614. Group Counseling (2)
  • CMHC 614L. Group Counseling Lab (1)
  • CMHC 642. Psychopathology (3)
  • CMHC 649. Multicultural Issues & Social Advocacy (3)
  • TRMA 632. Introduction to Trauma and Crisis Counseling (3)

Summer (Required, Total: 10 Credit Hours)

  • CMHC 692. Graduate Counseling Practicum (3) 
  • CMHC 636. Family System Theory & Counseling (3)
  • BITH - Theological Studies Requirement (TSR) (4). Students may choose one of the following.
    • BITH 565. Christian Theology (4)
    • BITH 566. Foundations for Biblical Interpretation (4)
    • BITH 576. History of Christianity to 1900 (4)
    • Typically BITH 565 is offered as an intensive course over the summer and BITH 566 and 576 are offered during the fall and/or spring semesters. Please check the academic schedule.

Year 2

Fall (Total: 13 Credit Hours)

  • CMHC 612. Foundations of Integration II (1)
  • CMHC 631. Lifespan Development (3)
  • CMHC 641. Assessment in Counseling (3)
  • CMHC 653. Lifestyle & Career Development (3) ($15 course fee - starting Fall 2024)
  • CMHC 696. Graduate Internship (3)

Spring (Total: 9 Credit Hours)

  • CMHC 613. Foundations of Integration III (1)
  • CMHC 651. Substance Abuse & Addictions (3)
  • CMHC 696. Graduate Internship (3)
  • BITH 561. Theological Anthropology (2)

Note: Students are required to take 1 elective (3 hours) to complete the CMHC 60-credit-hour program.

Comprehensive Exit Examination

All students are required to pass a comprehensive exit examination to satisfy graduation requirements. Please see the CMHC Student Handbook for details.  

  • CMHC 691. Comprehensive Exit Examination (0)

Additional Clinical Course Offerings

The following list of courses may be available for the students of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program to enroll in. CMHC students are required to take 1 elective (3 hours) to complete the CMHC 60-credit-hour program. Students may select the elective from the trauma certificate offerings or from the list below. ** Please note that not all of the below electives are offered each year/semester. Students may also decide to take other electives beyond the required coursework in order to enhance and add distinctive elements to their program, particularly as required by licensure law in states other than Illinois.

** These courses may not be eligible for financial aid. Please consult with a financial aid advisor to make that determination.

  • TRMA 635. Adv. Trauma-focused Assessment & Intervention - Spring term ONLY (Hybrid or Online - Trauma Certificate)(3)
  • TRMA 652. Disaster, Crisis, and Trauma Intervention - Summer term ONLY (Hybrid or Online - Trauma Certificate)(3)
  • CMHC 647. Foundations of Play Therapy - Summer term ONLY (Hybrid) (3)
  • PSYC 756. Psychopharmacology (1-3)
  • PSYC 849. Sexuality & Sex Therapy - Summer term ONLY (Intensive in-person/on-campus) (3)

Trauma Certificate

The Wheaton College Trauma Certificate program offers advanced specialized training to support the healing and growth of individuals and communities facing traumatic experiences. Our aim is to provide a supportive learning environment and equip mental-health and mental-health related professionals with essential trauma-informed responses that include three specialized classes in order to complete the trauma certificate:

  1. TRMA 632. Introduction to Trauma & Crisis Counseling (3)
  2. TRMA 635. Advanced Trauma-Focused Assessment & Intervention (3)
  3. TRMA 652. Disaster, Crisis, & Trauma Intervention (3) 

For scheduling information please reference the Trauma Certificate page.