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Annual Assessment Report

Each year, the CMHC program engages in a comprehensive program assessment and disseminates a report outlining needed program modifications.

A copy of the Comprehensive Assessment Report is available as a downloadable PDF formatted file.

Retention rates and program completion rates for the CMHC program are as follows:

  Number of students  Retention rate
(Year 1–Year 2)  
Graduation rate
Grad. Class of 2015  27   96%  89%
Grad. Class of 2016  25   96%


Grad. Class of 2017 25 96%


Grad. Class of 2018 27 93% TBD


National Counselor Exam Passing Rate for Wheaton College



Wheaton College Pass Rate for CMHC Students

Mean NCE Score for Wheaton College CMHC Students


Mean NCE Score for CACREP Programs

Mean NCE Score for Professionals








2016   100% 129   113 94
2017    TBD         


In 2016, Wheaton College students had a passing rate of 100% on the NCE exam. Our students also scored higher at a statistically significant level (p<.05) than the mean at CACREP accredited schools and with professionals in the field. The biggest areas of strength that our students exhibited included categories such as Professional Practice, Counseling Process, Helping Relationships, and Fundamental Counseling Issues.

  Mental Health Jobs
Within 6 Months of Graduation
  Achieved Licensure
Within 6 Months of Graduation
2015 Graduates  71%   41%
2016 Graduates  67%   67%