Ancient Language Prerequisite Tuition Rebate

The Ancient Language Prerequisite Tuition Rebate is designed to help students take necessary language prerequisites free-of-charge.

Ancient Language Tuition Rebate

Wheaton College provides an Ancient Language Tuition Rebate for you to take Hebrew and/or Greek prerequisite language courses at Wheaton. This rebate, covering up to 16 credit hours, significantly reduces the overall cost for for studying the biblical languages. This rebate does not cover the cost for competency exams or the cost for ancient language courses taken at another college or university.

The rebate applies to the following ancient language courses:

  • HEBR 301
  • HEBR 302
  • GREEK 101
  • GREEK 102

How does it work?

A student pays the tuition cost for a language prerequisite course the semester he/she registers for the class. After successfully completing the ancient language course for that semester, the rebate is applied to the tuition charges for the next semester the student enrolls.

For example, if a student takes Hebrew 301, which is a 4 credit hour course, during the fall semester, the tuition rebate for Hebrew 301 will appear as a credit on his/her student bill for the spring semester.

Rebate Details

The rebate is not matched dollar for dollar if you received an institutional scholarship during the term you completed the undergraduate ancient language course. Scholarship awards are based on taking 12 credit hours of graduate level courses. Instead of reducing the merit award for the semester(s) you are taking an undergraduate language course(s), we prorate the Ancient Language Rebate the following semester.

For example, if a student receives a $1,500 Graduate Student Scholarship in a semester where he/she took 12 credit hours of which 4 were ancient language credits, one third of the scholarship helped fund the undergraduate language course. Therefore, the Ancient Language Rebate awarded the following semester would be the amount of the tuition for 4 credit hours less $500.

It is best to take the ancient language prerequisite courses early in your studies. The tuition rebate is not available after completing the 42 credit hours required to earn the degree. It is also not available if a student leaves the program without completing his/her degree. The Registrar's Office will notify the Financial Aid Office of the rebate amount after grades for that ancient language course have posted and the drop/add date for the current semester has passed.

The Ancient Language Rebate will only be awarded for tuition paid by the student and not be awarded in excess of a student’s tuition charges. If a student is receiving institutional scholarships in the amount of his/her tuition charges (i.e. the Billy Graham Center Scholarship), he/she will not receive the Ancient Language Rebate as excess since the student did not pay for the course. Rather, the student’s institutional scholarship(s) will be decreased by the amount of the rebate. 

The Ancient Language Rebate cannot fund ancient language courses. If a student is due 8 hours of Ancient Language Rebate but is only taking 4 hours of non-language courses, 4 hours-worth of the Ancient Language Rebate will be applied to the student’s account and 4 will roll over to his/her next semester.

For more details on the competency and degree requirements: