Alumni Perspectives

Alumni of the M.A. in Biblical Exegesis have been able to use their experience to transition effectively into the wider academic and ecclesial communities.

Post-Graduate Accomplishments

Since 2002, many graduates from the M.A. in Biblical Exegesis have gone on to pursue Ph.D. work at the following institutions:

  • Aberdeen
  • Cambridge
  • Claremont
  • Duke
  • Edinburgh
  • Emory
  • Hebrew Union
  • Marquette
  • McMaster
  • Notre Dame
  • Oxford
  • Princeton
  • St. Andrews
  • Stellenbosch
  • Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • University of Chicago
  • Wheaton College Graduate School
  • Yale

Alumni Profiles

Myrto Theocharous, Ph.D., University of Cambridge

Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Greek Bible College

Wheaton alumna Myrto Theocharous"Wonderful scholars that I had always admired were either graduates or taught at Wheaton College and that was something that attracted me to this school. In the course of the two years of my MA studies in Biblical Exegesis I was exposed to a variety of classes, brilliant professors of vibrant faith and rigorous scholarship that was the best preparation for moving on to a doctoral degree. Wheaton College gave me admirable models to emulate in my own teaching and mentoring of students and taught me to match my careful analysis of God’s word with a prayerful dependence on the Spirit of Truth that has always led His church."

Todd Wilson, Ph.D., University of Cambridge

Senior Pastor, Calvary Memorial Church; Co-Founder and Chairman, Center for Pastor Theologians

Wheaton alumnus Todd Wilson“If you're looking for a course of study that will help you engage seriously with the biblical texts in their original contexts, and place that within a global horizon, then Wheaton's Biblical Exegesis concentration is for you. A rigorous curriculum, leading evangelical scholars, a vibrant learning atmosphere--it's a great education!” 


Stephen Herring, Ph.D., University of Aberdeen

Lector in Biblical Hebrew, Oxford Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Wheaton alumna Stephen Herring"I left Wheaton with a solid foundation in the art of interpreting the texts of the Greek and Hebrew Bible, not just an ability to read ancient languages. So many of the subjects that I took during the M.A. (e.g., principles of interpretation, the ancient background of the biblical texts, history of interpretation of the OT and NT, etc.) have proven invaluable in my academic and ecclesiastical endeavors."