Technology-Enabled Teaching

Posted August 7, 2019 by Academic and Institutional Technology
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Benefits of Technology-Enabled Teaching (a faculty member’s perspective)

Hannah Stolze, Associate Professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management in the Business and Economics department shares her view on the importance of incorporating technology into the classroom:

“Classroom technology enables the modern business classroom to achieve the goals of a liberal arts education. Building knowledge is no longer limited to readings and classroom lectures and discussion. Technology-enabled teaching extends learning more effectively outside the classroom to engage students before they enter a class session to be prepared to actively participate in critical thinking and problem solving with technological mediums they are comfortable using. We often limit IT to information technology when we should be thinking of it in terms of ICT, information and communications technologies. Integrated classrooms like BGC 134 allow faculty to walk into the classroom with more than a piece of chalk (or more likely a dry-erase marker) and with higher expectations of student engagement. Students walk into class with a basic understanding of content through readings, online video talks, and online quizzes. Class time can then be utilized to delve deeper into the context to solve problems by researching corporate information and data online, generating probable solutions and creating presentations on the spot that students will then present and articulate utilizing their own technology platform in the classroom.”

If you’d like to explore the technology options available here at Wheaton College, contact Steven Park.  We would love to work with you to think about how to incorporate technology into your classroom experience. 

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