Posted August 7, 2019 by Academic and Institutional Technology
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What's the simplest way for students to sign up for your office hours?

Are you looking for a free and simple way for students to sign up to meet with you during your office hours?  We recommend Calendly!  This free service gives students the opportunity to find a time that works for them to meet with you during your scheduled office hours.  The system automatically notifies both you and the student when he/she has signed up, and the notice goes straight to your Outlook calendar (faculty) and my.wheaton account (students.)  This is a great way for students to sign up for a time without having to trek over to your office to check a list on your door.  It also electronically notifies both parties in the event of a cancellation or schedule change.  Student Government representatives respectfully encourage faculty to consider using this automated tool.

“I find it so much better than going back and forth with email or a sign-up sheet on my door. Students can easily see when I am available,” commented Dr. Terry Huttenlock.  Sophomore Allie Lovell says, “Using Calendly to schedule office hours with my professor is so simple! Calendly is well-organized and straightforward to use. I especially appreciate how it sends me email reminders about meetings I have coming up.”

You can set up Calendly for yourself today by following these simple steps.

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