Adding Up to 32 Participants in Conference Now

Tags: Updates

In order to improve our Conference Now service, and to provide a more robust audio conferencing option, we have increased the maximum number of participants in a Conference Now meeting from 16 to 32 participants. Read More

Take Steps to Protect Your Devices

Tags: Security | Updates

You may have seen recent news articles about two significant security flaws found in computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices, known as Meltdown and Spectre. Learn what you can do to protect your devices. Read More

Enhance Your Organization with OneNote

Tags: ThunderCloud Services

As we work to use institutional services for institutional business, we want to make you aware of Microsoft OneNote, which is a robust note-taking application. Read More

Banner 9 and Banner Revitalization

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We have accomplished many things in our transition to Banner 9 and Banner revitalization with the help of Strata Information Group (SIG), and highlights are included in this article. Read More

How to Use the Amazon Lockers at Wheaton College

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By now, you have probably noticed the large metal boxes outside of CPO and perhaps wondered what they are for. These are our brand-new Amazon Lockers, which are now available for your personal use at Wheaton College! Read More

Learn Visio, Microsoft’s Powerful Diagramming Software

Tags: ThunderCloud Services | Training

Did you know that you have the ability to easily create complex diagrams? Whether you’re creating an organizational chart, mapping a business process, or drawing a floor plan, this ThunderCloud Training course will prepare you to use Visio 2016. Read More

Who You Gonna Call? The AIT Service Desk!

Tags: Updates

To make sure you always know who to call in your technological time of need, we have transformed the AIT Service Desk into your one-stop shop for all of your technology support on campus. Read More