How to register for classes

Now that you've reviewed how to meet Christ at the Core requirements and started exploring possible majors and elective programs, you're ready to start registering for classes!

[Step 1]

First, download the Registration Checklist,* which will guide you through the whole registration process from start to finish.

[Step 2]

Second, look at the First-Year Course List and the First Year Seminar (CORE 101) descriptions to plan out which classes you want to take. This fillable schedule template* will help you map out your schedule, and this guide on Reading the Course Schedule will help you navigate the course list.

[Step 3]

Third, follow these Online Registration Instructions to register for classes using Wheaton's online registration platform.

*Note that not all internet browsers support fillable forms. We recommend downloading the registration checklist and the fillable schedule template and opening in a PDF reader or printing.