First-Year Advising & Registration

If you have any questions or need help with anything related to academic advising, please contact the Academic Advising Office at 630.752.5615 or We're happy to help!

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Welcome to First-Year Advising & Registration for Fall 2022

Congratulations on your admissions to Wheaton College!  The Academic Advising Office (AAO) is excited for you, as you begin your Wheaton College story.  Please follow the Five Steps below, which will prepare you for first-year registration process.  If you have questions, contact us at

Keep track using this printable checklist: First-Year Registration Checklist

CONFIRM your Wheaton account

  • Start, if you haven't already, by setting up your Wheaton account.  Instructions are found HERE.
  • Once your Wheaton account has been set up, you will have access to the Wheaton Portal.  The Wheaton Portal is your home page for student account access, campus announcements, resource links and Banner Self Service.  We will cover in Step 5 how to use Banner Self Service to register for your classes.
  • Important Note: Please use your Wheaton email account when communicating with our office.  If you need help setting up your Wheaton email account, please contact Academic and Institutional Technology (AIT) or call 630-752-4357. The AIT Service Desk is the first place to go whenever you encounter technical issues with your Wheaton account.

REQUEST your transcripts

Wheaton requires your final high school transcript as part of your admissions record. Please have your final high school transcript sent to  We also need any and all transcripts or score reports that may earn you credit at Wheaton. Here is a list of the kinds of credit we accept and where to send those transcripts or score reports:

  • Advanced Placement®(AP): request through The code for Wheaton College is 1905
  • International Baccalaureate: request results be sent to Wheaton College (IL)
  • Cambridge Level A or AS exams: we need the centre number,  candidate number, and date of test emailed to so we can access your scores
  • Request any college transcripts and have them sent to
  • If you have other types of credit, please reach out to We can work with you to have the credit sent to Wheaton College

For detailed explanation on transferring credit, including an articulation chart for Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate, please go here. Please note: We will process the transcripts and score reports in the order we receive them.

COMPLETE the pre-registration questionnaire

The pre-registration questionnaire is an invitation only online survey you will receive to your Wheaton email, by June 1st.  We use this questionnaire to gather information on your academic interest and to keep track of transcripts you send to us (See Step 2).  While you will be asked about what major you are considering, you are not declaring your major at this time.  This helps assign you a faculty advisor in your current area of interest.  

After you complete the questionnaire, a registration time ticket will be issued to you.  The registration time ticket is a digital time stamp indicating the date and time you will be allowed to start registering for classes.  There will be a detailed explanation on the registration time ticket in Step 5.

ATTEND academic advising session

Save the dates for the following academic advising sessions:

You will receive an email invitation with the links for joining these sessions. Don't worry if you are unable to attend all 4 sessions. We plan to record the sessions and post them here.

You can always make an appointment with an academic advisor: Appointment Link.  Important Note: You must use your Wheaton email and password to login for appointment (See Step 1).  If you have trouble, contact or call 630-752-4357.

Please make sure you have gone through Steps 1 through 4!  A registration time ticket is required to register and you must complete the pre-registration questionnaire to be issued the time ticket.

SELECT your classes

At this point, locate your registration time ticket to determine when you can start registration. Please review How to find your time ticket.

As you get ready for registration, take a look at the resources below. These different resources will aid you in determining which courses you need for General Education Requirements or your Major Requirements. If you are not sure what to study, the Major Academic Plans (MAPs) can help you find the introductory courses in majors you are interested in. Important Note: All first-year students are REQUIRED to register for CORE 101 First Year Seminar.

  Now you're ready to watch the video below on how to use banner self service to register for your classes.

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