2015 Gration Lecture

Imagining Christ in Today's World

A visual exploration of how people around the world portray Jesus stepping into their current chronology, context, and culture.

Scott MoreauScott Moreau, D.Miss. served ten years with Cru Africa, teaching science at Ntonjeni Swazi National High School (1978-1980) and missions at the Nairobi International School of Theology (NIST; 1984-1991). 

In 1991, he joined the Intercultural Studies department at Wheaton College Graduate School, where he is currently Professor of Intercultural Studies, and Associate Academic Dean of Wheaton College Graduate School.

Dr. Moreau is an international speaker and consultant, edits Encountering Mission series (Baker), and serves on several agency and other boards. He has written or edited 20 books and over 300 articles in mission-related journals, magazines, and dictionaries. One of his most recent books, Effective Intercultural Communication (Baker 2014), was honored as one of the Top 15 Books on Mission for 2014 by International Bulletin of Missionary Research, and his popular textbook, Introducing World Missions>> is now in its 2nd edition.

Gration Lecture Videos

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