Todd M. Beamer Student Center

Dedicated on October 1, 2004, The Todd M. Beamer Center is named for one of the heroes of United Flight 93, and in memory of two other Wheaton alumni who died in the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.

The Todd M. Beamer Center houses Anderson Commons, the main campus dining facility. With a dramatic skylight ceiling and such features as two large fireplaces, the Commons provides a pleasant dining venue for the campus community. The food service consistently garners student praise and—they rank it as best in the nation according to the Princeton Review.

The Coray Alumni Gymnasium provides a venue for banquets, concerts, lectures and conferences.

Other features of the Todd M. Beamer Center include The Gold Star Chapel, The Stupe Grill (snack bar), Sam's Coffee Shop, a convenience store, and the college post office. Offices for Student Government, student publications, Student Activities, outreach ministries, and the Chaplain's office are also located in the facility.

Just outside The Stupe, at the south end of the building, is Keul Plaza, which provides an outdoor gathering place.

Where is the Beamer Center?