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Meyer Science Center

Completed in 2010, this state of the art science building includes:

  • 137,000 square feet of space, which is 25% more floor space than in the previous sciences facilities combined (Armerding and Breyer Halls)
  • A unique, interactive atrium museum featuring the Perry Mastodon, a natural science exhibit hall, and a Foucault pendulum
  • Twenty-eight teaching labs
  • Research space for faculty members
  • A zoned design that sets faculty offices close to research and instrumentation areas, and research labs opening onto teaching labs
  • Innovations that enable energy recovery and energy efficiency, such as special shades over the windows to control or reflect light

It is the home for the applied health science, biology, chemistry, computer science and mathematics, geology and environmental science, and physics departments and health professions program. All classrooms and labs are equipped with smart classroom technology. Other features include a large lecture hall, an astronomical observatory, a greenhouse, and many sophisticated testing instruments.

Where is Meyer Science Center?