Quarantine Quotes: Layla Landeros '22

April 15, 2020

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Quarantine Quotes: Layla Landeros ’22

We're checking in with our students to hear what it's like in their corner of the world. Layla shares from Santa Barbara, California.

What’s online class been like? 

Online class has been so funny because you never really know what to expect each day! One of my professors has been trying very hard to adapt to the online video method but has been struggling a little bit. It’s been encouraging for me to see my classmates try to help my professor virtually and show patience with each other as we all adapt to the change. We have actually been bonding as all of us to laugh with our professor when he forgets to record the lecture, or when there is an awkward silence in a virtual small group. My professor always tries to make class a little exciting, and lately he has been wearing different types of fun hats to online class. In a different class, we all showed up early to show off our pets and wore pajamas to lab for a virtual pajama party!

Online community

 What’s something special you’ve gotten to do?

Since being home, I have really enjoyed taking walks with my mom. It has been nice to reconnect with her while taking a study break for some fresh air and exercise. Virtual Netflix watching parties have also been a neat way to stay connected with friends.

What are you missing most about campus community? 

Of course, I am missing my friends and organizations that I am a part of at Wheaton.  Luckily, FaceTime and text have been a great way for us to stay connected and share funny stories as well as daily struggles with each other. I am also thankful to have the opportunity to continue my weekly Student Government and Orientation Committee meetings via Zoom! Even though it can be hard to keep a straight face during meetings (since we all want to laugh and joke around occasionally), it has been nice to continue our work that was started while we were on campus, and still be able to connect and love one another over video conference.

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