Wheaton College Hosts the Second Annual Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Symposium

May 28, 2019

Wheaton College, a leader in the field of interdisciplinary studies, is hosting the second annual Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Symposium.

Blanchard Hall Wheaton College ILThis week, 14 students from 13 different Council for Christian Colleges & Universities schools are gathering at Wheaton College for the second annual Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Symposium. Over the course of four days, student scholars will engage in discussions and debates and hear from leaders in the field of interdisciplinary studies.

“It is an exciting time for the field of interdisciplinary studies,” said Wheaton College Dean of Humanities Dr. Jeffry Davis, who helped organize the symposium. “The globalized planet is not free of serious problems and challenges. Therefore, the demand for truly collaborative responses has never been greater. As our program continues to grow, and we become significant contributors to broader conversations in the field, we realize how significant an interdisciplinary perspective can be in bringing problem-solving skills to people with pressing needs around the world.”

During the four-day symposium, students will collaborate with peers who share a passion for disciplinary integration. Most of the readings will come from Davis’ 2016 book, Interdisciplinary Inclinations: Introductory Reflections for Students Integrating Liberal Arts and Christian Faith.

Students will also hear from lecturers including Wheaton College’s John and Madeline McIntyre Endowed Professor of Philosophy and History of Science Dr. Robert Bishop and the Clyde S. Kilby Professor of English Dr. Christina Bieber Lake.

The student scholars, who applied for their spots in the symposium, will receive a $500 stipend.

“Last year, students described how this interdisciplinary symposium transformed their lives, showing them how to love Christ through integrative learning,” Davis said. “A serious exploration of the ways in which different areas of knowledge actually intersect, especially when trying to solve a complex human problem, has the potential to reveal the very nature of God. He is the Source of all knowledge and wisdom. My hope is that students deepen their faith and come to revere the Creator of all things more because of this experience.”

Wheaton College continues to be a thought leader in the areas of liberal arts and interdisciplinary studies within the scope of a Christian education. In fact, Bachelor’s Degree Center recently named Wheaton College #1 in its ranking of the “Top 30 Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies.” The College was #2 in a ranking of Best Colleges’ “Best Integrative Studies Programs.” —Emily Bratcher