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Top 5 #MyWheaton Posts From 2016-17

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Looking back, this year has been full of excitement and unique experiences for individual students and the campus as a whole, many of which have been featured in this very blog. Read More

Spreading a Message of Love

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Steve considers himself passionate, fun-loving, and a “reckless dreamer” and hopes to use the foundations of his faith and his artistic talent to reach people with a message of love, hope, and redemption. Read More

The Study of Creation

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I think that inevitably studying both biology and art leads to a study of creation. Read More

Confronting Identity Through Traditional Dance

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Fellow students encouraged me to be confident and cheered me on as I spent hours in the dance studio; faculty and staff were affirming and comforting, reminding me that what I believe and who I am should be embraced. Read More

How Arena Theater Helped Me Find My Tribe

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As a missionary kid, I have experienced the feeling of having no idea where to call home, but this community of artists has given me that feeling in a real way. Read More

Lights, Camera, Action: Arts in London

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Wheaton’s art program on campus prepared us for this journey, and made London’s art scene accessible to us. Read More

2015-16: #MyWheaton "Top 5" Recap

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Take a look back at the 2015-16 academic year through the lens of our "Top 5" #MyWheaton posts from August through May of this year. Read More

My Art Gallery Internship

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The Art Departmentand my adviser Dr. Matthew Milliner, assistant professor of art history, went above and beyond preparing me for the intellectual and experiential requirements, expectations, and realities of a gallery internship. Read More

Arena Theatre's Caucasian Chalk Circle

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I am forced to be patient, generous, and even merciful with these characters as I simultaneously use them to tell a story while also authentically advocating for them in their own risky worlds. Read More