My Internship With Young Life Africa

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Because of this internship, I’m so aware that the Kingdom of God is growing globally. I was continuously inspired and encouraged by the faith of my new friends in Kenya and Ethiopia. Read More

My Internship at Samaritan’s Purse

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The Wheaton student body, faculty, and staff teach me how to live in community. I get to use all these skills during my internship. Read More

Wheaton in Washington

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Overall, Wheaton in Washington was special to me because I am a rising junior who is constantly thinking about how to make my future career meaningful. Read More

My Internship With Chick-Fil-A

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It is fulfilling to see the results of my Wheaton education being used to solve real, on-the-ground problems that have the potential to contribute to the company’s success. Read More

My Art Gallery Internship

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The Art Departmentand my adviser Dr. Matthew Milliner, assistant professor of art history, went above and beyond preparing me for the intellectual and experiential requirements, expectations, and realities of a gallery internship. Read More

My HNGR Experience in Nicaragua

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I have wanted to do HNGR since I first heard about it as a junior in high school and met with former director Dr. Paul Robinson to learn more about the program. Read More

My Pre-Med Liberal Arts Experience

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I have been particularly thankful for the way Wheaton’s liberal arts program has enhanced my pre-med studies, shaping me into a better scholar in my pursuit of medical school. Read More

From China to Wheaton: TESOL and Intercultural Studies

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I love Wheaton not only because it offers one of the best TESOL programs in the nation, but I also love the fact that we get to celebrate cultural diversity. Read More