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Posted April 20, 2016 by
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My Art Gallery Internship

Last semester, while participating in the Wheaton in Chicago program, I had the privilege of interning at Hilton|Asmus Contemporary, one of Chicago’s Top ­tier modern art galleries. Located in the River North Art District, Hilton|Asmus seems small and unassuming on the outside, however it hosts some of the most prestigious art events in the city.

When I began my internship search, I knew initially that I wanted to work at an arts-based organization. As an art history student, gaining experience in the art world was my primary focus. Through working at a small, independent gallery space, I acquired an extraordinary amount of hands­-on experience and one-on-one interaction with big-name artists, including photographer Pattie Boyd, Henry Diltz, and Carinthia West. I wrote press releases, kept the website updated, communicated with artists, installed shows, and facilitated meet and greets. 

The Art Departmentand my adviser Dr. Matthew Milliner, assistant professor of art history, went above and beyond preparing me for the intellectual and experiential requirements, expectations, and realities of a gallery internship. I was unsure exactly what to expect, however skills embodied and exemplified by my studio art and art history professors helped me navigate each new situation. Though students can sometimes feel privileged and entitled to jobs and experiences, my peers and professors in the art department demonstrated the hard work that is necessary to thrive professionally and relationally. I am incredibly thankful for my internship as well as the opportunity I have had these past four years to work, study, and create alongside such remarkable and creative people.

Maureen Lynch '16 is an art history major. To learn more about arts at Wheaton, visit their website. 

Photo Captions: Maureen poses with artist Pattie Boyd and fellow intern; the outside of the gallery; the inside of the gallery.