Overseas Summer Internship Opportunities

You can complete the practicum requirements for the TESOL degree by teaching in the Chicago area or overseas.

TESOL Overseas Summer Practicum/Internship Opportunities

During the fall, spring, and summer, most students teach in the Chicago area in placements that we arrange. Each summer, a few students elect to work overseas in English language teaching programs to complete the practicum. In addition, students who plan to work overseas during the summer can earn elective credits by completing the requirements for an internship or an independent study (INTR 695 or 696 – 2 or 4 credit hours).

If you are interested in doing a summer practicum overseas, you have a number of options. Many Christian programs offer structured EFL teaching experiences. For most of these programs, a certain amount of deputation is required. The amount of support you’d need to raise falls in the $1500-3500 range. Over the years, we have seen God abundantly provide financial support for these ventures as students have stepped out in faith. To receive credit for your summer teaching, you will need to attend the 5-day practicum course (INTR 613) offered during the last week of May here at Wheaton College.

If you decide to do any overseas work (practicum, internship, independent study) for Wheaton College credit, you will also have to go through the international study application process which is being implemented this year by Wheaton College.

Schools and Organizations

The following list features schools and organizations specializing in TESOL that we recommend for summer service. Alan Seaman has specific contact information. If you are interested, please see him, and he will provide you with the e-mail address of an administrator who would be very interested in hearing from you.

Individual Schools and Agencies

Palabra de Vida School – Costa Rica. This would be a good May-June placement if you are interested in teaching children in Latin America. The English coordinator, Lisa Befus, is a former TESOL student in our department and can serve as an excellent field supervisor. Her e-mail address is mlbefus@lam.org See Alan Seaman for more details.

El Camino Academy – Colombia. This bilingual school in Bogota is encouraging TESOL students to come to the final weeks of the school year (May and early June), followed by a summer EFL program in June. This is a great teaching opportunity. The headmaster of the school is Beth Anfanador, who has longstanding connections to Wheaton College. (See Dr. Seaman for more details.)

Christar – This agency focuses on the 10/40 window and uses English language teaching in creative ways to reach people. They have specific summer programs in locations which would be excellent TESOL internships: Albania (June-July), Kazakhstan (June-July), and Tunisia (June-July). Matt Snider and AC Acosta are local reps who can provide more information. Please see Alan Seaman if you are interested. (See attached information)

Greater Europe Mission English Camps – Camps are run by GEM in Germany, Latvia, France, and Croatia during the summer. They need trained TESOL personnel to run their unusual programs. If you are interested, talk with Cheri Pierson or Alan Seaman.

Educational Resources and Referrals – China (ERRC) – Interesting smaller internship program in Beijing. Late June to early August. Application due by Mar. 15. Call 510.548.7519 or go to the website at errchina.com (See attached information.)

English Language Institute (ELI) – China, Mongolia, Vietnam. Mid-June to late August. Application deadline in mid-Feb. Call 1.800.366.ELIC or go to the website at elic.org You would need to apply early, since this program fills up quickly.

Educational Services International (ESI) – China (intensive program), Russia, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic. Mid-June to Mid-August, including a 10-day orientation session. We have had very successful practicums in the past with this agency. 1.800.895.7955.

Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). There are hundreds of ACSI-affiliated international schools who need English language teachers. Many run summer ESL programs. If you are interested in teaching children in a particular part of the world, please contact Alan Seaman, who will put you in touch with the ACSI international director.

Lithuania Christian College. A Christian college in Lithuania is looking for teachers for their summer English programs. (See the attached sheet.) More information is available on the LCC website: lcc.lt and through email and info@lcc.lt The recruiting office is in Abbotsford, Canada 604.851.0151. Contact Alan Seaman for more information.

Long-Term Opportunities in Places with Special Connections to Our TESOL Program

Handong Global University, Pohang, South Korea. This Christian university has a thriving English department and needs more trained English teachers. If you are interested in the location, ask Dr. Seaman for more information. The website is handong.edu

Yanbian University of Science and Technology, Yanji City, China. Trained Teachers are needed in this strategic university program in 2013 and beyond. Wheaton has a special relationship with YUST, and several of their English teachers have come from our program over the years. If interested, please contact Alan Seaman; he’ll put you in touch with the English program director.

Lithuania Christian College. A new Christian college in Lithuania is looking for teachers for their English Language Institute. More information is available on the LCC website: lcc.lt and through e-mail at info@lcc.lt