M.A. in TESOL and Intercultural Studies Curriculum


This is an example. Please note that the most current and official curriculum information is found in our Course Catalog.

Required core courses include LING 561, 573, 611, 612 (or 606 and 607), 613, 614, 615, 616, 617, and 619 for a total of 32 hours.

All students must complete:

TESOL Core (22 hours)  

LING 573: Qualitative Research for Second Language Educators (2 hours)

LING 611: Theoretical Foundations of TESOL Methodology (4 hours)

LING 612: Descriptive English Grammar for TESOL (4 hours)

LING 613: TESOL Classroom Dynamics Practicum (2 hours)

LING 614: Curriculum and Materials Development for TESOL (2 hours)

LING 615: Teaching Reading and Composition to ESL/EFL Learners (2 hours)

LING 616: English Phonology for ESL/EFL Teachers (2 hours)

LING 617: Principles of ESL/EFL Assessment (2 hours)

LING 619: Teaching Speaking and Listening to ESL/EFL Learners (2 hours) 

Intercultural Studies Core (4 hours)

LING 561: Foundations of Intercultural Communication (4 hours) 

LING 692: Comprehensive Exam (0 hours)

BITH Core (6 hours)
The six credit hour BITH requirement is met by taking a 4 hour BITH course from the approved Category I list and INTR 531.

BITH course from approved Category 1 list (4 hours)

LING 531: Theological Foundations (2 hours)

Electives (Choice of 4 hours)
The student will work with an advisor to determine the four hours of electives that best meet the student’s background, interests, and goals.

LING 563: Cross-Cultural Teaching and Learning (2 hours)

LING 608: Second Language Acquisition (4 hours)

LING 618: ELL Content Methods and Materials (K-12) (2 hours)

LING 694: Cultural Issues in the EFL/ESL Classroom

LING 695: Independent Study (2-4 hours)

LING 696: Internship (2 or 4) 

Other LING Electives are available. Refer to the Wheaton College Catalog for course descriptions.

If you have questions, please contact the department at tesol@wheaton.edu.

Total                                                                    36 hours