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Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching

The Accelerated M.A.T. is for Wheaton undergraduate students who choose to do an accelerated M.A. in elementary or secondary education.

Additional Requirements

M.A.T. candidates will take their methods course(s) during their senior year. 

Prior to taking method course(s):

  • Pass the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) or have SAT/ACT scores submitted to the Illinois School Board of Education
  • Complete the Wheaton Teacher Education Program (WheTEP) application, and
  • Submit the Student Teaching Application.

During the semester the methods course(s) is/are taken:

  • Pass the Illinois Content Area (Subject Matter) Examination and
  • Submit the Graduate Candidacy Form.

Course Work

B.A. degree includes general education, approved M.A.T. major, and professional education courses.

5th year: Student teaching (fall semester) and courses that include graduate courses in education, and a Category I graduate Bible and Theology course.

Accelerated Elementary Education M.A.T. Program

Elementary Education can be combined with any liberal arts major.

Typical Course Sequence (PDF)

Accelerated Secondary/K-12 Education M.A.T. Program

Wheaton College offers secondary education license in: