Graduate Faculty

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Rochelle Scheuermann, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Evangelism & Leadership Doctor of Ministry Program Director Leadership in Evangelism and Ministry Department Chair


Richard Schultz Headshot
Richard Schultz, Ph.D.
Blanchard Professor of Old Testament


Tammy Schultz Headshot
Tammy Schultz, Ph.D.
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Training Coordinator, Professor of Counseling, Co-Coordinator of the Trauma Certificate Program


Alan Seaman Headshot
Alan Seaman, Ph.D.
Professor of TESOL, Director of TESOL and Intercultural Studies Programs


David Setran Headshot
David Setran, Ph.D.
Price-LeBar Chair of Christian Formation & Ministry


Wendy R. Smith Headshot
Wendy R. Smith, Psy.D.
Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic at Wheaton College, Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy


Carlos Sosa Siliezar Headshot
Carlos Sosa Siliezar, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of New Testament


Daniel Treier Headshot
Daniel Treier, Ph.D.
Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Theology Director of Ph.D. Program


David Van Dyke
David Van Dyke, Ph.D.
Marriage and Family Therapy Program Director, Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy


Junias Venugopal
Junias Venugopal, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of the School of Mission, Ministry, & Leadership, Co-Director of M.A. in Leadership, and Associate Professor of Evangelism & Leadership


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