Graduate Faculty

Barrett McKray
Barrett McRay, Psy.D.
Associate Professor of Christian Formation & Ministry


Adam Miglio Faculty Headshot
Adam E. Miglio, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Archaeology, Director of M.A. in Old Testament Archaeology


Douglas Moo, Ph.D.
Kenneth T. Wessner Professor of New Testament


Scott Moreau Faculty Headshot
Scott Moreau, D.Miss.
Academic Dean of Wheaton College Graduate School & Professor of Intercultural Studies


Natalie Mullen, Ph.D.
Natalie Mullen, Ph.D.
Guest Instructor of TESOL and Intercultural Studies, Director of the Institute for Cross-Cultural Training


Rev. Amy Peeler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of New Testament


Cheri Pierson Faculty Headshot
Cheri Pierson, Ed.D.
Associate Professor of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Emerita


Benjamin Pyykkonen, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychology Programs Director, Associate Professor of Psychology


faculty photo rob ribbe honeyrock
Rob Ribbe, Ph.D.
Executive Director of HoneyRock; Assistant Professor, A. Duane Litfin School of Mission, Ministry, & Leadership


Rick Richardson, Ph.D.
Rick Richardson, M.Div., Ph.D.
Professor of Evangelism and Leadership, Director of WCBGC Research Institute, Director of the Church Evangelism Institute


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