Preparing for Excellent Conference and Video Calls

Posted August 7, 2018 by Academic and Institutional Technology

Preparing for Excellent Conference Calls and Video Calls

Effective Date: August 7, 2018

Are you planning a meeting which will have people joining remotely?  AIT has you covered.  But you’ll want to take a few minutes in advance to make sure everything will work correctly when it’s time for your meeting.  Here are some of the highlights you’ll need to know:

  • For meetings with a dial-in option for only two or three people, a desk phone should be used. If the meeting consists of a larger group, then a conference phone would be preferred, especially if the meeting room is large and people are spread out. The key is that the microphone must be capable of hearing each member of the group so that those on the phone can participate in the conversation.  Do not plan to simply use the audio and microphone on the computer or laptop.  This will not give you the sound quality you’ll need.
  • If the meeting will have a power point presentation, or will be sharing screens, then having the presentation run through the presentation software is needed in order for the remote people to see it.
  • Many conference rooms have a phone available within it. When scheduling a meeting with a dial in option, please ensure the meeting space has the appropriate phone equipment present. If the meeting space requires a conference phone with additional microphones, please check one out at equipment circulation.
  • When given a choice, using your Conference Now number on a conference phone is the best way to get excellent sound.  Find out more about setting up Conference Now. 

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