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Wheaton Portal Unavailable During Maintenance

Tags: Updates | Maintenance

The Wheaton Portal will be unavailable from 11 PM on January 6 until 4 AM on January 7. During this time, we will install an update that contains fixes for known issues in the current version of the portal. Read More

Outlook Calendaring Policy - Faculty FAQ

Tags: Training | Updates

Since the initial announcement of the Campus Calendaring and Communication Policy, faculty members have asked a number of questions about the reasons for and impact of this policy. Read More

Doubling Our Bandwidth: Internet2 Comes to Wheaton College

Tags: Upgrades | Maintenance | Network

From 10 PM on January 3 until 1 AM on January 4, we will connect the campus network to Illinois Century Network as well as Internet2. Around 10 PM, there will be a brief network outage. This outage is expected to last for less than 30 minutes. Read More

LISTSERV: Improving Email Notifications

Tags: Upgrades

In January 2017, LISTSERV will come to Wheaton College. LISTSERV is a mailing list service that will replace the current system of email notifications. LISTSERV is being launched as part of the new Internal Digital Notification Policy. Read More