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Technical Help

If you're having technical problems viewing TowerTalks or logging in to the discussions, we're here to help.

Viewing the Video

If you are unable to view the video on Wheaton's website due to content restrictions in your country, please visit Wheaton's iTunesU channel where TowerTalks area also available. If you are experiencing other problems with the video, please contact us at the.web@wheaton.edu.

Watching in Full Screen Mode

To watch a video in full screen mode, click the full screen icon Vimeo Full Screen at the bottom right of the video. If nothing happens when you click this button, your browser may be incompatible with the video player. If you're using Internet Explorer, please consider using FireFox or Chrome as an alternative.

Logging in to the Discussion

TowerTalks uses Disqus for online discussions. There are three easy ways to log in to Disqus.

1) Use the Login dropdown menu. You can use your exisitng Disqus login if you have one, or Facebook, Twitter or Google.

2) Click in the "Start the discussion . . ." box. A "SIGN IN WITH" option will appear with the login options: exisiting Disqus login, Facebook, Twitter or Google.

3) The "PICK A NAME" option allows you to create a username if you wish to remain anonymous. You must provide your email address, but it will only used for discussion moderation purposes and will never be sold or used to send you any solicitations from Wheaton College or Disqus.

Disqus Login Instructions

Having problems logging in? Contact Disqus support or email the.web@wheaton.edu and we'll be happy to help you troubleshoot.