The Value of a Wheaton Education

Two graduates at Undergraduate Commencement Wheaton College IL

A Wheaton education prepares you for a livelihood and a life dedicated to serving Christ and his kingdom.

The Cost and Value of a Wheaton Education

Inherent Value 

Many people are asking, what's the return on investment for a liberal arts education? Wheaton College firmly believes that the primary intrinsic value of a liberal arts education comes from the formation and preparation of the whole person for all of life’s vocations.

To this end, we require our students to learn broadly while at the same time inviting them to study more deeply in the discipline(s) they love the most. We also encourage on-campus, because as the only first-tier evangelical liberal arts college, our goal is not only to teach students to think well, but to live well. This is achieved most effectively when learning happens in a vibrant community.

“What I have appreciated most [about my Wheaton education] is what it did for me as a human being and a follower of Jesus Christ. A liberal arts education from a Christian world view was invaluable to me.” -Tom McGhee '70,

Christian Friendships That Last a Lifetime

One of the most important benefits of a Wheaton education are the friendships with Christian brothers and sisters who will walk with you for the ups and downs of life after college. In this video, you'll hear from five friends from the class of 2007 about the impact of their friendship on their faith and and lives after college. Ready to meet the friends you'll keep for a lifetime? 

Tangible Outcomes 

In addition to its intrinsic value, a Christ-centered liberal education from Wheaton College also has many practical outcomes and benefits that most graduates reap over a lifetime of faithful service in the church and gospel witness to the world. These include but are not limited to:

  • Highly marketable skills that perennially lead the list for prospective employers, such as analytical reading, critical thinking, persuasive oral communication, effective writing, and innovative, collaborative problem solving. Read more about why liberal arts graduates are still in demand in today’s market.
  • Superior academic credentials that open doors to top graduate programs, where a majority of our alumni go on to receive the more specialized training of a professional education. Learn more about Wheaton's academic credentials.
  • A strong foundation in moral virtue and ethical reasoning that builds character, fosters integrity, strengthens relationships, promotes stewardship, and earns respect in the church and in society. Learn about how residential learning shapes the character of Wheaton students.
  • A breadth of preparation that gives graduates the versatility to excel in a wide variety of callings over a lifetime of work and ministry, including their service in jobs that have yet to be created. 
  • Career development and networking opportunities through the Center for Vocation and Career and the active Wheaton College alumni network.
  • Whole person development that enables graduates to maximize their God-given talents and provide exceptional leadership “For Christ and His Kingdom” at home, at church, in the marketplace, and in the wider world. Learn about our mission to educate the whole person.

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