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October 2018

Envy and Its Cure

Jay Wood, Wheaton College IL Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Jay Wood, Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Jay Wood explores the topic of envy, a spiritual malady that stands in the way of human flourishing and can only be healed by acknowledging the true source of our worth.

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November 2018

The Flourishing Society

Bryan T. McGraw, Wheaton College IL professor

Dr. Bryan T. McGrawAssociate Professor of Politics

Dr. Bryan T. McGraw examines ancient and modern theories on cultivating a flourishing society and proposes a third alternative rooted in the truth of Scripture.

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January 2019

Modern Pilgrim's Progress: Finding Spiritual Flourishing on the Camino de Santiago

Sharenda Barlar, Wheaton College IL Professor

Prof. Sharenda BarlarAssociate Lecturer of Spanish

During summer 2017, Prof. Sharenda Barlar led a group of Wheaton students along the Camino de Santiago. In this TowerTalk, she shares what they learned on their pilgrimage about suffering, hospitality, and community.

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February 2019

Material Prosperity and Human Flourishing

Enoch Hill, Wheaton College IL Professor

Dr. Enoch HillAssistant Professor of Economics

Dr. Enoch Hill explores current research and related Scripture to examine how material prosperity is connected to human flourishing.

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April 2019

The Impact of Creation Care on Public Health

Kristin Page Wheaton College IL Professor

Dr. Kristen PageProfessor of Biology

What does deforestation have to do with human health and flourishing? Dr. Kristen Page explains how certain patterns of human land use and resource consumption contribute to an increase in disease, especially among the world’s poor. For this reason, she argues, care for creation is love for neighbor.

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May 2019

Living Well in Christ: Practical Wisdom from Positive Psychology

Terri Watson, Wheaton College IL Professor

Dr. Terri WatsonDean of the School of Psychology, Counseling, and Family Therapy and Professor of Psychology, Counseling, and Family Therapy

What does positive psychology research have to teach us about human flourishing? Dr. Terri Watson explores how can we integrate the principles of this discipline with well-established Christian spiritual practices to enhance our lives.

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