Accelerated MAT-Science Course Sequence

Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching with Secondary (6-12) Science  Certification 

Designation in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics

Important Note: In order to apply for the MAT in Secondary Education, the declared major for the BA degree should not include education. Students will get an MAT degree in Secondary Education, so their undergraduate major should not include Secondary Education. (e.g., BA in Science + MAT in Secondary Ed). However, students may complete the required courses for either (a) the Science major or (b) the Science and Secondary Education double major for their BA degree. 

For prospective MAT students, Dr. Kim is the (unofficial) advisor in the Education department. He can be reached at

Recommended Sequence of Courses*

Freshmen Year

EDUC 101     The Teaching Profession 2hrs
EDUC 125     The School and Society  2hrs, A Quad
EDUC 136     Teaching Ethnically and Linguistically Diverse Students 2hrs, B quad
EDUC 136L     Cross-Cultural Tutoring Practicum 1hr, concurrent with Ed 136

Sophomore/Junior Year

EDUC 225 Learning and Development 4hrs
EDUC 225L Teacher Aiding Practicum 1hr, concurrent with Ed 225
1.5 hrs x2 days a week
EDUC 305 Learning Differences (may also be taken Fall Senior year)
Do not register for EDUC 305L (MAT students should register for EDUC 505L in the spring of senior year)
2hrs, A quad

Junior Year

Spring Semester Apply to WheTEP!-- Information sent out by the Education Department   
Spring Semester By March 1st Apply online to the Wheaton College MAT program through the Graduate School!

Before applying to the MAT program, make sure your major does not include secondary education. See note above.

Important Note: Do not register for EDUC 306. MAT students should register for EDUC 506 in the Fall of their senior year.

Senior Year

Fall Semester

EDUC 506 Curriculum Integration and Classroom Communication 4hrs, Fall
EDUC 551 Mind, Brain, and Education   2hrs, Fall 

Spring Semester:

Note: All of these classes must be taken in the same semester.

SCI 325 Middle School Science Methods 2hrs, Spring, A Quad
SCI 321 Hig School Science Methods 2hrs Spring, B Quad
EDUC 505L Learning Differences Practicum 0 hrs
EDUC 527L Methods Practicum 0 hrs
LING 618  English Language Learning Methods and Materials (may also be taken the spring after student teaching) 2hrs, Spring
EDUC 542 Research Methodologies in Education 2hrs, Spring

Important Note: All teacher candidates must pass the Illinois High School Content Area Tests in their primary science content before student teaching

Bachelor of Arts degree awarded in Liberal Arts Major

MAT Fall Semester (14 credit hours)

EDUC 587 Philosophical Foundations of Education 3hrs, Fall- Course starts after student teaching practicum
EDUC 594 Craft of Teaching 2hrs, Fall- Taken concurrently with student teaching practicum
EDUC 596 Student Teaching 9hrs

Additional Requirements
Pass the edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) which is required in the state of IL for licensure

With the satisfactory completion of student teaching and the State of Illinois examinations, candidates can apply for State of Illinois teacher licensure. This will allow eligible candidates to apply for their full IL Professional Educator License and apply for Spring teaching positions

MAT Spring Semester (10 credit hours) 

EDUC 531 Ethical Perspectives of Teaching 2hrs, Spring
EDUC 597 Scholarly Inquiry Paper 2hrs, Spring
LING 531 Theological Perspectives on Language and International Education 2hrs, Spring B Quad, Online 
Category 1 Course
Select one from BITH 565 Christian Theology, BITH 566 Foundations
for Biblical Interpretation, BITH 576 History of Christianity to 1900)
4hrs, semester vaires: check course offerings

Induction Year of Teaching 

Teacher candidate employed full-time as teacher/scholar

EDUC 599 Final Project Continuation (all semesters)

After taking EDUC 597, Scholarly Inquiry Paper, MAT students should continue to enroll in EDUC 599, Final Project Continuation in each subsequent semester (summer, fall, spring) until their scholarly inquiry paper is finally approved. A $50.00 fee will be charged for each semester (summer, fall, spring) of Final Project Continuation. The scholarly inquiry paper must be completed within five years of the first term as a fulltime graduate student (i.e. fall 2022 graduate course work beginners must fully complete the scholarly inquiry paper by Aug. 31, 2027).

In consultation with the MAT coordinator, an MAT student who wants to conduct a research in an educational setting after completion of the course requirements may petition to switch to EDUC 698, Thesis. Each subsequent semester until the thesis is completed the student must enroll in EDUC 699, Thesis Continuation ($50 fee). The five-year requirement for thesis completion remains in effect.

When either the scholarly inquiry paper or the thesis is satisfactorily completed and accepted by Wheaton College Library for the College's archives, the Master of Arts in Teaching degree will be awarded.


*For the most up to date course information, please consult the Graduate course catalog.