For Current Students

Faith in Action: Holistic Health Symposium

September 21-23, 2023

Join us as we hear from two directors of Baltimore Urban Studies, Micah Hughes and Danté Upshaw. Conversations will center around holistic health, vocation, spiritual formation, ministry, and urban contexts. 

Thursday, September 21
8:30 AM - What are practical tools to prevent burnout in vocation & ministry?
11:15 AM - How do spiritual formation & public health intersect?
1:15 PM - How do we prepare well for a healthcare vocation?

Friday, September 22
9:20 AM - How does women's empowerment support global health & equity?
11:35 AM - What are the assumptions we hold when we navigate the urban context?
6:00 PM - Dinner & Firepit (708 Irving Ave. Wheaton, IL 60187) with Fall Break Trip & Semester Off-Campus Info. RSVP by 2pm on Thursday.

Saturday, September 23
10:00 AM - 'Wholistic' Health Retreat: Enlightenment for your mind, Encouragement for your heart, & Equipping for your hands

Interested in public health, urban studies, or ministry?

Learn more about our fall break trip to Baltimore from October 14-18, 2023. Join us Friday, September 22 at 6pm for an informational dinner & firepit at 708 Irving Ave. Wheaton, IL 60187. RSVP by 2pm on Thursday. Find out more info on Baltimore Urban Studies here


By the end of the Christian Formation and Ministry degree, students will be able to...

Academically Grounded Spiritually Maturing Practically Skilled

A1. Articulate a biblical, theological, historical, and philosophical perspective of formation and ministry.

B1. Demonstrate a life of discipleship and spiritual growth as the foundation of effective ministry.

C1. Minister and teach effectively, integrating theory and scripture into creative practice with integrity, humility, and grace.

A2. Identify a theoretical framework for ministry context analysis. 

B2. Identify one’s gifts and calling, responding to areas of strength and challenge in preparation for serving the needs of the church and the world.

C2. Serve collaboratively and compassionately, balancing the needs of others with adequate self-care.

A3. Demonstrate an understanding of the educational, spiritual, and ministry practices by which people mature in Christ.

B3. Respect every person, valuing the diversity of cultures, ethnicities, and traditions within the church.

C3. Demonstrate the necessary skills of a ministry practitioner/ scholar: critical analysis; oral communication; written communication; program evaluation.


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