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Worship Arts Certificate

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The Certificate in Worship Arts is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide opportunity and training in Biblical arts ministry in the church. The program is 24 credit hours and can be added to any other Wheaton College undergraduate degree offering.  Two core courses in the certificate offer opportunity to develop understanding and application of fundamental principles of music and worship ministry. The certificate also includes private lessons, an internship, and courses in music and theology. There are many local opportunities for students to apply their training in worship arts whether it be through a campus ministry like the chapel band program or in a local church.

Program Requirements

Core Classes

BITH  326/526 Biblical Foundations of Worship (4)

MUMS xxx     Principles of Music and Worship Ministry I
Greg Scheer, The Art of Leading Modern Worship; Constance Cherry, Worship Architect; Excerpts of Harold Best, Unceasing Worship
Course Content: Biblical, historical, and theological foundations of worship leadership: Who is the worship leader?: What is worship leadership?: Organizing a Praise Band: Vocal Production and Instrumental Techniques: Arranging: Chord Charts and Lead Sheets: Audio, Video, and Lighting Technologies: Planning Worship: Resources for Worship Planning: Leading Worship: Working with Volunteers

MUMS xxx     Principles of Music and Worship Ministry II
Charlotte Kroeker, Music in Christian Worship; John Bell, The Singing Thing; Randall Bradley, Postlude to Prelude; Zac Hicks, The Worship Pastor; Best, Music Through the Eyes of Faith
Course Content:  Biblical, historical, and theological foundations for church music: Congregational Song: World Praise: Recruiting and Leading a Choir: Basic conducting gestures: Resources for the Church Choir: Vocal pedagogy and health: Working with accompanists and instrumentalists: Working with Children, Youth, and Senior Adults: Budgets, Libraries, and Calendars: The Worship Leader as Pastor: Choosing Music for Births, Weddings, and Funerals: Applying for and accepting a job: Leaving and transitioning well 

MUIP 100/200     Private lessons (organ, piano, voice, guitar, percussion) (4)

MUMS 496      Internship or practicum (2)
- Chapel Band with a faculty coach
- Local church or summer internship


Choose 6 Credit Hours                   
BITH 344    The Psalms: Songs of Israel and the Church (4) 
BITH 345    Life of David (4)
BITH 378   Origins of Christian Worship (4)
BITH 396   Roman Catholic Theology (4)
BITH 398   Eastern Orthodox Theology (4)
CE  226   Christian Spiritual Practices (4)
CE 241   Leadership Development (4)
CE 346   Discipleship (4)
CE 421   History and Philosophy of Ministry (4)
CFM 514    Ministry in Culture (2) 
CFM 523    Ministry Leadership and Organization (4) 
PHIL 216    Philosophy of the Arts (2) 
MUIP  141    Small Group Voice Class ( (1) 
MUIP 131    Small Group Piano Class (1)
MUTC 101    Introduction to Music: Reading, Writing, and Analysis (2) 
MUMS 248   Basic Conducting (3)
MUMS xxx    Keyboard Leadership Class (2) 
MUMS 342    Vocal Technique (1) 
MUMS 349   Organ Service Playing Techniques and Teaching (3) 
MUCS  422    Choral Literature (2) 
MUCS 321     Church Music Practices. (2)