Chamber Music

Student String quartet

The Chamber Music Program at Wheaton College provides a unique opportunity for students to explore diverse genres of music and varied instrumentations.

Ranging from string quartets to brass and woodwind quintets, our program affords students the opportunity to explore the world of chamber music through weekly rehearsals and coachings. Chamber Music is an integral part of a Conservatory student's curriculum as it builds their repertoire and love for known and unknown works.

For more information about this program please contact Leonardo Altino, chamber music coordinator.

Performance Opportunities

Chamber Music students are required to perform at least once per semester. Performing in open recital, outreach concert or a public performance approved by their coach, can fulfill these performances.

Open Recitals - Thursdays at 1:15pm

Assisted Living Facilities - Students are encouraged to set up their own performances at area retirement homes. The facilities listed below have welcomed our students to perform for the residents.

  • Covenant Living at Windsor Park, Carol Stream
  • Wyndemere, Wheaton
  • Arden Courts of Glen Ellyn
  • Alden Gardens of Waterford, Aurora

Chapel - Dr. Zimmerman coordinates performances in Chapel on a need basis

Gigs - Each year, groups are asked to perform at Wheaton College-sponsored event or outside events for remuneration.

Outreach Programs

Students are strongly encouraged to share their talents off campus. There are many retirement centers near Wheaton College in which students can use the opportunity to not only perform and work out those last minute nerves but to share their gift of music with the residents.  (Romans 12:3-8)

  • Senior Music Ministry

Chamber Music Competition

The Conservatory holds an annual Chamber Music Competition for groups registered in the program. The winners are showcased during a Wheaton College concert. 

Requirements: Please note that only groups that are registered in the 2nd semester of the school year may participate. This is to encourage groups to work together all year. Groups from first semester may participate but need permission from their coach.

Repertoire: All repertoire is permitted provided the group is a trio or larger

Time limit: Repertoire should fulfill a ten-minute minimum. Students are encouraged to prepare works in their entirety. 

Free Chamber Music Sheet Music!

Registration Information


Each String Major is required to complete 4 semesters of chamber music. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in 8 semesters!

  • To Register: Add MUEP 371 to course load. Groups will be assigned but specific requests for other students are welcomed!
  • Performances: Each group is required to perform at least once each semester. 
  • Rehearsals: Outside of weekly coachings, groups are required to rehearse 2 hours each week aside from working on their part individually
  • Coachings: Coaches are generally assigned but can be specifically requested. Groups will receive 13 hours of coachings per semester. Weekly coachings are with our wonderful faculty.
  • Rehearsal Space: Contact Scheduling Coordinator to reserve your weekly rehearsal and coaching room. 630.752.5614

Each Elective Study Major is required to complete 2 semesters of Chamber Music. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in 8 semesters!

Musical students outside the Conservatory are encouraged to join this program! For those that have a love of classical music and want to participate in an ensemble but cannot join the orchestra or band because of course load, we encourage you to e-mail Leonardo Altino for more information. 

  • Must be proficient in reading music
  • Have at least 5 years experience on your instrument
  • Be able to commit 2 hours of rehearsal time as well as 1 hour of coaching each week
  • Because this will not be a course for credit a fee of $154 is assessed for each semester you take chamber music