Music Degree Programs

The Conservatory of Music exists to provide a program of comprehensive music training in a Christ-centered environment that fosters musical excellence, achievement, and creativity. In service to church and society, The Conservatory provides music experiences intended to inspire joy and passion among all students of Wheaton College, while serving as a cultural resource for the college, community, and the world.

Shawn Okpebholo, Conservatory of Music Professor, Wheaton College ILWhether a student enrolls in the Conservatory, joins an ensemble, or goes to a concert, our entire community benefits from the dedication of students and excellent professors at the Conservatory. With a student/faculty ration of 7:1, students get the individual attention needed to become a master of their instrument. The Conservatory has an extensive music library, digital music labs, recording studios, and 40 practice rooms. Within a classical grounding, students will be immersed in their instrument and also have opportunities to embrace 21st century music and technology.

The Conservatory offers the following degree programs:

Bachelor of Music in Performance

The Performance degree provides comprehensive music training that encourages the formation of performing artists capable of meaningful contributions to society and the Church.  The four-year curriculum with a major in piano, organ, voice, or orchestral instrument is designed for those who are contemplating a variety of graduate programs or careers in music. View curriculum >

Bachelor of Music in Composition

This degree provides comprehensive training aimed at developing skills and imagination necessary to create compelling music in a variety of professional contexts. The program encourages openness to diverse styles and genres and emphasizes growth in craft and purposeful creativity. Resources include a state-of-the-art Digital Music Studio. Concerts of student works are presented at the end of each semester, and a full composition recital is required in the senior year. View curriculum >

Bachelor of Music in History & Literature

This degree provides comprehensive music training aimed towards further study in musicology or related fields and encourages the formation of a diverse approach to music scholarship.  It prepares students for graduate programs and careers in musicology, college teaching, music criticism, broadcasting, publishing, and library/archival science. View curriculum >

Bachelor of Music in Pedagogy

The Bachelor of Music in Pedagogy degree is designed for students contemplating a career as a private studio music teacher. This curriculum challenges students to develop a broad repertoire and provides excellent preparation for graduate studies in a variety of music-related fields. View curriculum >

Bachelor of Music Education

Students will be trained in both choral and instrumental music, K-12, and be certified to teach in Illinois. This degree provides comprehensive musical and professional training aimed toward teaching in public or private schools and can be completed in eight semesters. Music education studies encourage the formation of school music teachers who will be agents of change, employing effective instructional strategies while imparting a broad scope of musical practice and cultural distinctiveness. View curriculum >

Bachelor of Music with Elective Studies in an Outside Field

This degree provides a comprehensive experience in a professional music curriculum, as well as a 24 semester hour concentration in an outside field: Biblical and Theological Studies, Business, Christian Formation & Ministry, English, Media, Pre-Health, Pre-Law Studies, Psychology, Theater, and Third World Studies (includes HNGR internship). A "design your own" option called Alternate Field can be used to include coursework from any major in the college. View curriculum >

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and Music Minor

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a major offered through the College of Arts and Sciences. The degree enables students to pursue music study and performance in the context of the liberal arts, fully embracing the music resources of the Conservatory while also taking advantage of the many strengths of the broader college. All music coursework is taught through the Conservatory along with core General Education, upper-division, and elective courses from the Arts and Sciences. An audition is not required for this degree. 
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