Christian Formation and Ministry Certificates

The following certificates are available to all undergraduates through Christian Formation and Ministry

The Leadership Certificate seeks to foster the development of emerging leaders who seek a depth of character and skill that will enable them to contribute to effective and redemptive communities, organizations, and churches. This certificate integrates coursework with a progression of transformation experiences that involve hands‐on leadership in real world settings. Participation in the program will encourage students to deepen learning and transformation, cultivate character and personal integrity, explore the theology and theories of leadership, develop proven leadership competencies, and engage their learning in leadership of self and others. This certificate involves a minimum of 20‐22 credit hours, at least 8 of which are completed at HoneyRock, Wheaton College’s Outdoor Center for Leadership Development. Participation in Summer Leadership School at HoneyRock (CFM 251 Ministry Practicum) and completion of an approved additional leadership practicum or internship is also required. The internship can be taken in the CFM Department (CFM 496 (0)) or in the department of your major with CFM Department approval. The certificate is designed to integrate with any academic major at Wheaton.

Students who complete the certificate in leadership may choose to complete a major in Christian Formation and Ministry or any other undergraduate major.

2022-23 Required Leadership Certificate Courses (20-22 credits)

  • CFM 131 Intro to Spiritual Formation (Wheaton Passage) (2)
  • LEAD 201 Foundations of Leadership (2)
  • LEAD 241 Leadership Development (4)
  • CFM 359 Discipleship (4)
  • LEAD 353 Leadership and Human Systems (4)
  • LEAD 474 Integrative Leadership Seminar (2)
  • LEAD 496 Internship (0)
  • Elective course (4) in student selected discipline approved by program director

(Revised 10/25/22)

The Discipleship Certificate is an interdisciplinary program designed to facilitate students’ growth as disciples and disciple-makers. It seeks to cultivate the knowledge, dispositions, and skills necessary to take part in the work of discipleship both here at Wheaton and in the broader Church. The goal of the program is to provide a deep and experiential education for those students participating in discipleship ministries, blending theory and practice in significant ways.

The program’s academic home is the Department of Christian Formation and Ministry, though courses are also offered in Biblical and Theological Studies and Communications. Through these offerings, students will be equipped in biblical foundations, spiritual formation and ministry, and best practices for discipleship within the context of small groups. Students from any major are eligible for the Discipleship Certificate.

Required Discipleship Certificate Courses (24 credit hours)

CORE (8 hours)

  • CFM 359 Discipleship (4)
  • CFM 232 Spiritual Guidance and Discernment (2)
  • CFM 216 Discipleship Practicum (2 credits total, 1 credit each)

CONTENT UNITS (16 hours) Students select courses from each of the following areas:

Biblical Foundations (2-6 hours)

  • BITH 325: Biblical Interpretation and Hermeneutics (4)
  • BITH Book Studies: 332, 338, 341, 344, 356, 358, 362, 363, 364, 365, 368, 433, 434, 438, 454, 457, 458, 462 (2 or 4)
  • BITH 382: Church (2)

Spiritual Formation and Ministry (6-12 hours)

  • CFM 215 Spiritual Formation in Community (2)
  • CFM 222 Teaching for Transformation (4)
  • CFM 224 Christian Spiritual Practices (2)
  • CFM 231 Evangelism (2)
  • CFM 331 Teaching the Bible (2)
  • CFM 339 Compassion and Crisis Ministry (4)
  • CFM 421 Philosophy of Ministry (4)

Working with Groups (2-4 hours)

  • CFM 216 Discipleship Practicum (up to 2 additional credits beyond the required 2 CORE credits)
  • CFM 333 Student Care in College Ministry (2) - (for RAs only)
  • COMM 221 Interpersonal Communication (4)
  • COMM 362 Group Dynamics (2)

Students who complete the certificate in Discipleship may choose to complete a major in Christian Formation and Ministry or any other undergraduate major. Students choosing to add the Christian Formation and Ministry major to this certificate must complete 24 hours from the following courses to fulfill the requirements for the major:

  • HNGR 114 Poverty, Justice and Transformation (4)
  • CFM 222 Teaching for Transformation (4) *
  • CFM 224 Christian Spiritual Practices (2) *
  • CFM 348 Discipleship B (2) *
  • CFM 421 Philosophy of Ministry (4) *
  • CFM 494 Ministry in Culture (4)
  • CFM 496 Internship (0)
  • Electives (Select credits from department approved electives if needed to reach 14 hours in addition to the certificate.
  • * (if not already taken for the certificate)

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