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Current Students

I am a Current Student

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Campus Announcements

Target your announcements to the right audience.
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Classroom Technology

The majority of classrooms have built-in presentation technology and other amenities to aid teaching and learning.
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Computer Accounts

Depending on your role in the campus community, you have access to one or more computer accounts.
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Computer Labs

Wheaton College has one large central computer lab on the first floor of the Buswell Library as well as smaller labs across campus. These labs are available to all students.
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Connecting from Off Campus

Resources like shared drives or campus intranet sites are only accessible from on campus. Members of the campus community can connect to the campus network remotely as long as they have an Internet connection.
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Connecting to the Network

Computers, smartphones, and other devices have to be registered before they connect to our campus network.
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Learn how to keep your personal information safe and protect your devices.
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Equipment Circulation

Equipment Circulation provides audiovisual equipment to facilitate the needs of the College community. 
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Learning Management System

Schoology is used for accessing class materials, discussion, online tests and assignments, and grade tracking. 
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Live Event Support

Sound, lights, projection, recording, and more for Wheaton College events.
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My.Wheaton Accounts

Students each receive a my.Wheaton account with access to the full complement of web-based communication, storage, and collaboration apps. Faculty and staff also have access to my.Wheaton for collaboration with students.
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Office 365 Subscription

Current students, faculty, and staff can install Microsoft Office on a subscription basis to personally-owned computers and mobile devices at no additional cost.  
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Password Center

Change your NetID and email account password.
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Student Software Resources

Current Wheaton students have access to some software at a discount or at no additional cost. 
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ThunderCloud Printing

Students, faculty, and staff can print from their personal devices or computers directly to most printers in the library, student housing, and offices across campus. 
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ThunderCloud Storage

ThunderCloud Storage, powered by Box, provides unlimited and secure storage to all current faculty, staff and students. Widely used in higher education, Box empowers users and removes barriers to collaboration.
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ThunderCloud Training

Current students, faculty, and staff have access to Lynda.com for skill development and software training resources.
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Updating Contact Information

In order to provide for appropriate emergency communications, Wheaton College asks all students and employees to enter their contact numbers in our emergency system.