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Password Center

Change your NetID and email account password

  • For students, ThunderCloud Services and email passwords are identical.
  • For employees, NetID and ThunderCloud Services passwords are identical.


Changing your Password

  1. Go to the Wheaton Account Center.
  2. Enter your NetID and select NEXT.
  3. Enter your current password and select SIGN IN.
  4. Enter a new password and Re-Type the same password in the next box.
  5. Click SET PASSWORD.

Note: The Password Rules are listed on the Page.

Your new password will be synchronized between your NetID and your Wheaton College Email account. In most cases, your applications will automatically prompt for your new password, but in some cases, it may be necessary to update them manually.


Forgotten your Password

Your NetID account will lock after 10 failed login attempts. It will automatically unlock after 30 minutes. If you accidentally lock yourself out, you can regain access to your account through the Wheaton Account Center by resetting your password.

  • Go to the Wheaton Account Center and Enter your NetID and Next.
  • Click "Forgot your password?" and follow the prompts.
  • You will receive a verification code at your recovery email address or phone number, which will allow you to set a new password.

If you use Banner INB, you will need to change your Banner INB password manually. It does not automatically synchronize with your network password.

If you have any questions, please email us at ait.service.desk@wheaton.edu, or call 630.752.4357 (HELP)