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#MyWheaton Student Profile: Alli Littrell ’24

October 3, 2021

Get to know Alli ’24 as she reflects on her favorite parts of the Wheaton experience so far. 

Alli Littrell

Where are you from?
Schaumburg, IL

What is your major?
English with a Teaching Certificate

What have been some of your favorite classes so far?
First Year Seminar: Why Do We Suffer and Reading Writers

Who are your favorite faculty members?
Dr. Kemp, Dr. Beitler, and Dr. Loney

What are some of your favorite extracurricular activities?
Discipleship Ministries

What are your favorite places on campus?
Blanchard Hall Tower Room and Smith Three South

What is your favorite campus event?
All School Communion

What have been some of your favorite Wheaton experiences so far?
Studying around campus with friends, late-night ultimate frisbee on the football field, and hanging out with friends on our floor

Alli Littrell Roommates

What makes Wheaton special?
The people at Wheaton are what makes it so special! The students, professors, and staff I have come to know really care about one another. They want to have rich conversations, go on late-night Cane's runs, and more importantly, we are all there for each other. 

Anything else?
Thank you to all Wheaton Fund donors who make it possible for so many of us to attend Wheaton. We are grateful that you support your alma mater! We are so blessed by those that also support individual organizations such as Discipleship Ministries.  In DM, I have personally grown my faith alongside my friends, and because of this, I want to get involved in the leadership of the ministry. Your generosity enables students to come together to learn, worship, and deepen their faith while at Wheaton.  What a blessing you all are.