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Wheaton Experts
Five Ways to Keep Your Relationship on Track
Wheaton College Marriage and Family Therapist Dr. David Van Dyke shares his insights.
Wheaton College Alumnus Billy Graham: 1918-2018
Wheaton College alumnus Rev. Dr. Billy Graham has died. The Wheaton community will honor his life and legacy with a public memorial service on campus on Friday, March 2, at 11 a.m.
Wheaton College Wins Five-Year Battle Against HHS Mandate
Wheaton College has won the right to carry out its religious mission without fear of government fines.
Graduate School, Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership (M.A.)
Why Pursue a Degree in Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership?
HDI Senior Fellow Kent Annan answers questions about Wheaton's newest M.A. degree.
Dr. Sheila Caldwell Appointed Chief Intercultural Engagement Officer
Dr. Caldwell has been named Wheaton’s first Chief Intercultural Engagement Officer.
Gigi Dawood
Graduate School
Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership - Gigi Dawood
Learn how a mission trip working with Syrian refugees inspired a doctor to leave her career and pursue a degree in Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership at Wheaton College. With classes available online or in a residential format, this new M.A. is the first ever to offer individuals an opportunity to learn about humanitarian and disaster preparation with a focus on faith-driven leadership.
Billy Graham Center Archives to Open New Collections on Life and Ministry of Billy Graham
The BGC Archives at Wheaton College will open two new collections on the ministry of Rev. Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).
Monthly Merit Highlights
Wheaton College uses Merit to publish stories about student achievements. Here are three of the top Merit stories from the last month.
Wheaton Experts
The Humility of God
In this Wheaton Experts post, Dr. Amy Peeler discusses how God's humility is displayed through His familial relationships.